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About us

Clinic Eximus is the most trusted makeover clinic in East Delhi, DELHI. It is trusted for its world class Dermatology treatments, Cosmetology , Dental treatments , Hair treatment and Plastic Surgery treatments. Our comprehensive services aim at enhancing the lives of the whole family. They have the Best Doctor For Pigmentation in East Delhi with great experience.

Our Strengths

  1. More than 40 years of experience amongst the team.
  2. Internationally Trained Doctors.
  3. We use advanced and Latest technology for Best treatment results.
  4. We Constantly upgrade our knowledge and facilities to ensure World class treatments for our patients.
  5. We follow Internationally approved guidelines of standards of Sterilization & Hygiene for your Safety.
  6. Patient Care & Comfort is our Priority
  7. Rust and Credibility for all treatments
  8. Experienced and friendly Team.
  9. Ethical Practice.
  10. Disable Friendly Premises.


why choose us


We invest in CE certified and US FDA approved equipment to deliver best results to our Patients .


Qualified, Expert Team with International Training and Experience of more than 40 yrs amongst themselves delivers Dental, Skin , Hair and Plastic Surgery Treatments with a Humane Touch.


We offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from Dermatology, Cosmetology, Dental , Hair and Plastic Surgery that caters to all age groups,


All our treatments are technologically advanced, scientifically proven and result driven.


Our Major Services

Best Doctor For Pigmentation in East Delhi

Clinic Eximus

cosmetic dental treatment

Do you know that 90% people notice your Smile when they first meet you!
Make yourself a Masterpiece with our Cosmetic Dental Treatments like Teeth Whitening, Smile Design, Veneers & Laminates. We make difference through our world-class cosmetic dental treatment.

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Best Acne Treatment in East Delhi

Clinic Eximus

laser hair reduction

In this fast paced Life, Being HAIR FREE gives you Freedom! Freedom to wear anything and go anywhere any time !
Laser Hair Reduction at Clinic Eximus is done by USFDA approved LASER with Amazing Results. Get the best results through our affordable price laser hair reduction treatment.

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Invisible Braces Cost in Delhi

Clinic Eximus

acne and scar removal

Don’t let the acne and Scars take away your confidence .
Our Acne & Scar Treatment are specially designed by our Team to give you Flawless Skin without Pain .Call us NOW for the best acne & scar removal treatment in Delhi.

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Clinic Eximus

Pigmentation removal

We try to hide our Pigmented skin , uneven skin tone and melasma . With Right treatments , you can achieve a pigment free, clear and brighter skin . Book an appointment for pigment removal treatment in Delhi.

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Clinic Eximus

dimple surgery

Dimples make you look more attractive !! If you don’t have dimples naturally , that doesn’t mean you can’t have them Now !
Dimple Surgery makes it easy to flash those Dimples !!

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Hair Regrowth Treatment in East Delhi

Clinic Eximus

Hair regrowth

Are you worried about Hair Thinning, Hair fall ?
Do you think Hair Transplant is the only option?
At Clinic Eximus, we pioneer in World Class Hair Regrowth Treatment that are NonSurgical and literally painless and give Great RESULTS .

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We Prioritize Affordability & Quality Care

It’s hard to ignore a good looking personality. We can't take our eyes off an attractive face. In simple words, beauty has its own power & potential to leave a long-lasting impression on others. Everyone wishes for an attractive face & good health. Sooner or later, you may lose your overall appearance by the influence of different factors including genetics & internal factors. Your oral, skin, and hair health make a strong connection to build up your overall appearance.

We understand that COST matters to you! Viewing cost from the customer’s perspective makes us the BEST makeover clinic in East Delhi, DELHI. We are helping our customers with the quality of service & affordable treatment options. We strive to deliver cost-effective Dental, Skin, Hair, and Plastic Surgery Treatments by the use of advanced technology & scientifically proven approaches.

We believe in building strong relationships with our customers. Hence listen to them carefully, and prioritize their preferences.

If you’re looking for BEST COSMETIC DENTISTRY, Laser Hair Reduction, Pigmentation Removal, Acne & Scar Removal, Skin Tightening, and Dimple Removal Surgery.

We are here for you to SERVE YOU BETTER

Please feel free to Contact Us!


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