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Acne Scar Treatment .

Acne scar is a very common condition seen in people like acne acne scars can also affect the patient by Counseling their self-esteem
Why does acne scar?
1.Acne is a condition that has an info inflammatory response swelling redness Etc inflammatory extends into the second of these skin the dermis the second layer is rich in blood supply when the inflammatory browse reaches the dermal layer, it revokes our response like what happens in wound healing? This lead to acne scars.
2.The more the Inflammation the move The wound respond the deeper the scar if the inflammation is not subsided early. This will also lead to deep scars.
When does acne scars?
Scaring in acne begins early and can affect 90% of patients depending on the severity of acne and delay in treatment the depth and degree of inflammation redness swelling Etc. Determines the amount type and depth of scarring in acne acne lesions are Cattle Jewel because the swelling starts below the first layer. A pain Dennis any In the because gland This lead to destruction of structures in the dermal second layer lending to deeper scars. Mild and it DQ lately treat it can resolve without any residual scars while chronic severe or Inappropriately treated acne result in scaring Post acne scaring is one of the most common causes of acne scaring That can lead to Great physical logical distress


What are the different type of acne scars?
1. Acne scars can be various types Flats cars that are pigmented They can be brown black or sometimes white in color to hypo pigmented. Ro Sakia like scars Sometimes acne scars May persist in lighter-skinned individuals as radish flat patches giving appearance of row Saga or photosensitivity.
2.Depressed scars. These are one of the most common types of Scar. They're usually all our result of collagen breakdown. Below the first layer of skin they can vary form. Very superficial scars like the eyes pick scar too deep rolling scars. The usual appearance is of pets on skin surface that can vary in depth from Flipper facial too deep Elevated scars Sometimes acne can lead to elevated scars. These are scars that appear above the surface of skin. They can be fibrous dumb shade and can be pigment in occasionally. Sometimes keloids can also develop in acne lesions that are irregular can have itching or pain
3. Can we prevent acne scars? Acne is temporary, but unfortunately acne scarring is permanent scarring in acne occurs early, depending of severity of acne and delay in treatment. Treatment treat acne as soon as it develops the most effective way to avoid.
All-Star Game scaring is by preventing it from developing into more severe form treatment should be started right away. Soon as acne begun begins in the Como Donal or popular strange. Parents of adolescent should be counseled it to start treatment in the early stages and not wait till it becomes severe most parents delayed treatment in the belief that acne is a part of Growing phase and will go away Simon tastes lie, when the child grows up most teenagers start over the counter treatments or medications advised by the friends chemist or over the Internet many times. They end up applying medicines that do not treat but worsen the acne. This becomes a vicious cycle and can lead to severe acne. Scars Avoid inflammation treated early Avoid things that irritate the skin such as scrubs facial irritate skin products Etc. Do not squeeze or pick acne lesions. This can lead to severe acne scars. If you are an individual who has a tendency for hyperpigmentation ensure that you are acne is treated early. Treat severe acne aggressively severe acne requires aggressive treatment to avoid acne scars.
What are the various treatments available for acne scars acne scars require a 360-degree approach to treatment?
1.Medical treatment medicines like antibiotics retinoids Etc play an important role in preventing acne scars. Your doctor will decide which medicines to be taken orally and which medicine to be applied surgical treatments. Mirror surgical treatments like Komodo an extraction subcision intelligence droids drainage of cystic acne are also done depending on the type of acne.
2. Chemical peels Chemical peels are very useful in treating acne scars various peel are used depending on the type of acne chemical peels treatments lead to epidermal regeneration and collagen formation in the dermis leading to Improvement in acne scars. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment for acne scars. It is mainly used for shallow scars that can be line, like rolling type or box type micro-needling causes thermal stimulation and increased collagen production in the damage leading to Improvement in acne scars.

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  1. Required at monthly intervals Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is Mechanical exfoliation or micro resurfacing technique. It is an effective way to treat superficial acne scars. It is safe non-invasive office procedure with no downtime. Lasers various laser are used to treat acne scars fractional CO2 laser and resurfacing laser are commonly used the laser energy.
  2. Penetrates deep into the DMS stimulates collagen production leading to Improvement in acne scars Fillers Dermal fillers are a great option for acne scars filler usually contain hyaluronic acid this mean injected into the scar raises the skin to the same level as surrounding skin leading to Improvement in the surface of skin. Mmrf. Micro-needling ratio frequency is an effective way to treat acne scars it targets the area through Rapid penetration of insulted microneedles, this stimulates the production of collagen. However it the right type of needles are not used it can lead to hyperpigmentation.