Anti aging treatment.

We all want to be young forever but live a healthy life as we age. The best thing you can do is to defer ageing and age gracefully. Although ageing is an inventory process it is not possible to minimise the unwanted sign of ageing such as wrinkling pigmentation sagging etc.Due to rapid advance advances in anti aging treatment.
facial skin is the most affected by the aging process and management of the facial skin should start early.
Why do we age?
We age because of two reasons, internal & external.
1 internal
2 external
1, Internal skin aging is a genetically determined change in skin over a period of time; these changes are a part of our team system and will present as we age this internal area of aging increases because of the presence of free radicals in our body.
2 external ageing is type of ageing is because of the factors outside the body like stress, nutrition and sun damage quality of products used for skin maintenance.
Q: What are signs of aging?
There are various signs of aging are below. Some aging is objective, that is you will free them more than see them and sometimes can be seen easily.
2. decreased level of hydration
3.skin appears dry and dull 5.increased chances of irritation
6.appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
1.Loss of volume of face leading to hollow cheeks.
2.Appearance of nasolabial folds, marionette lines (around lips), crow feet.
3.Dropping of eyebrows
4.Dropping of upper eyelid
5.Baggy eyes.
6.Tear trough.
7.tired look of eyes.
8. Jawline.
9.Loss of jawline
10.Loss of neckline


Q:How do you treat ageing?

engagement of an aging face is an act and science at clinic eximus we follow a comprehensive approach for anti aging treatment since aging occurs because of both internal and external factors both of them should be managed.
Q: How do you prevent aging?
Ageing can be prolonged if we follow presentine measures. Internal external agent factors should be managed.
1. avoid external factors: external sectors like smoking pollution and sun exposure stress should be avoided.
2. correct lifestyle and habit:Controlling your general health goes a long way to delaying an ageing nutritious diet and regular exercise can help to delaythe process of ageing.
3. use of skin products: we have come across people who use multiple high value branded products that are not validated by science and research. they mainly use these thinking they will be the best.
Always use products that are medical grade and what your doctor gives you after assessing your skin needs. Simple change in cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen can make a lot of difference to your skin.

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Q: I have missed the preventive phase of aging. Now I have signs of aging. What should I do? anti-aging treatment depends upon the sign of aging present on our skin  at clinic eximus  we follow through medical clinic analysis of your skin to give you the best anti aging treatment to make those years off your face! In addition to the pH balance cleanser, sunscreen , moisturiser and different options are available.