Beard Regrowth

Beard Regrowth

A thick, groomed Beard adds greatly to the personality of a man. Some Men do face the issue of :

    • Scanty Beard.
    • Patchy Beard.
    • Thin hair in Beard.

These are all reasons why you can opt for Beard Regrowth Treatments .

Common Beard Regrowth Treatments

beard regrowth

Hair Re-growth Treatment

Hair Re-growth treatment is an advanced procedure for Beard hair loss problems. It’s considered very effective . It works better for Beard hair growth stimulation where Hair Re-growth treatment is used. Basically, Hair Re-growth treatment has a higher density of blood plasma as compared to normal blood circulation. Hair Re-growth treatment has concentrated Growth factors . At Clinic Eximus, we add additional Nutrients to the Hair Re-growth treatment , making it more rich in Growth Factors and giving better results . Our team of Beard hair regrowth treatment / Hair Re-growth treatment offers you world-class treatment without any hassle. We are continuously working over this, establishing ourselves as a one-stop solution for Beard hair problems. We aspire to bring positive results and happiness to our clients.

Nutra therapy

Nutra therapy

Nutra therapy is the basic way for nourishing and rejuvenating your beard hair. This therapy is advantageous in the context of repairing and protecting all layers of hair. This therapy is well known for preventing beard hair breakage and beard hair loss as well. In this treatment approach, vital nutrients are supplied through the skin which provides beneficial results for the fragile hair follicles.

Growth Factor Therapy

Growth Factor Therapy

Growth Factor is one of the most advanced Beard Hair Regrowth Treatments that is used in cases where the Beard hair is more Damaged. Gro - factor is a US-FDA approved treatment that can give results in severe cases too. GFT can deliver outstanding results in continuous Beard hair fall problems. Our experts have vast experience in implementing this therapy. In this process, we use growth factors for promoting better face skin health and improving the production of the hair follicles. This helps in preventing patchy and diffused loss of beard hair and reduces the rate of beard hair fall.

Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy

We also use Combination of therapies with various therapies to give you the best results.

Beard Regrowth Reviews


The first step is to understand the basic cause of a thin beard . Once the cause is narrowed down  , the approach should decrease beard hair fall and simultaneously increase beard hair regrowth.

In most of the cases , after proper medication and handling the reasons for fall, the fall gets controlled , but to regrow the beard hair and make it more thick, it requires the Beard Regrowth treatments . 

This totally depends on what the ingredients of the product are . You should only opt for medical grade products that your doctor recommends for beard regrowth 

The very reason for failure here is the hit and trial strategy , which almost never works. It is important to understand that there is a science to achieve beard regrowth . You not only have to reduce the fall but also increase beard regrowth . If you are interested in getting results , follow  a step by step approach to understand the cause , manage the cause and simultaneously regrow.  Consult your doctor before it is too late . 

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