1.Laser beard shaping is pretty much helpful in reducing the thickness and coarseness of the hair. We help you to get your beard to the next level, and strive to bring confidence in looking, feeling, and being your best. The laser works brilliantly by banishing the irritating collar rashes & neatens the beard line.
2.Laser Beard Treatment has emerged as one of the finest alternatives where it’s helpful for achieving a clean and groomed appearance.


Laser Beard Shaping Process

1.Laser Beard Shaping Treatment is pain-free & the best alternative to provide your desired look without any pain and side-effects. This process is equipped with a chilling effect which helps in making the beard shaping session pain-free. In case of sensitivity - we take care of it and use numbing cream and cool gel.
2.The laser hair treatment process is an excellent one providing great results - 80% result in the first 3-4 sessions. In this process, the Lasers target the pigmentation. Beard hair growth occurs due to the male hormone testosterone. This procedure doesn’t leave any side effects & safe.
3.After having a laser beard shaping process you may continue your work without any abnormalities.

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Pre-Treatment Care

Don’t go with any hair removal treatment procedure except shaving for at least 2 weeks. Before treatment - Try to Avoid Sun Exposure. It will be good to discuss medications to ensure a safe side.   After Care    You should take care of the following things after having Laser Beard Shaping Treatment. Avoid sun exposure, hot showers & bath. To avoid the chances of having irritations, it’s great to keep yourself away from the rigorous exercises. Book An Appointment For Beard Shaping It will be good to have a session with us.  We are one of the best beard shaping treatment clinics in Delhi/Noida. If you have any queries, consult with our team of experts. We understand the concerns of our clients, therefore, ensure the quality results & maintain hygiene standards.  Clinic Eximus have been offering dental care, plastic surgery, hair care, and skin solutions by using advanced tools and techniques.

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