Birth Mark Removal

There are many causes of Birthmarks including- sudden growth of pigmented cells, hereditary, irregular blood vessels which are also known as vascular birth marks. The range of birthmarks is extensive and are in different colors, shapes and sizes. A few birthmarks like – angel kisses, strawberry marks and Mongolian blue spots fade with the passage of time but a few do not. These birthmarks whenever occur on the face may drop the confidence level, and you may feel low while facing society. Sometimes these may lead to other health issues. This requires the need for Birth Mark Removal. 

Types of Birth Marks

    1. Moles
    2. Cafe au- lait
    3. Mongolian spot
    4. Haemangiomas
    5. Port wine
    6. Nevus of ota

Treatment Options for Birth Mark Removal

Birth Mark Removal Laser


Laser - Laser therapy is one of the finest ways to deal with Birthmark. It can remove or significantly lighten port-wine stains and can make them slightly visible.



surgery is the most effective way for BirthMark Removal. Plastic Surgeon will evaluate the extent of spread of the birthmark and decide to remove it using different techniques. Larger birth marks may require grafts too

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Birth Mark Products


The liposome formula inhibits excess production of melanin, acting directly on melanocytes. -Reduces the intensity of spots of different etiology…

Suntris Sunscreen Gel

offers broad spectrum protection and can protect the skin against the ageing effects of the sun’s rays. It may also protect from the blue light emitted…


Do not waste by applying too much. A small amount to cover just your scar will be sufficient to make it work…


SUpports the immune system and helps defend against harmful infections It supports cellular energy production and helps fight against free…


During your consultation, we will assess the birthmark and which treatment option is best for the goals you’re trying to reach. We will answer any questions or concerns that you have.

Most people say it is slightly painful but so fast that they barely noticed it, though pain is based on each individual’s experiences. People describe it as a small rubber band snapping. Following the procedure, you may feel like you have a mild sunburn or warm feeling, which normally goes away within 1 to 24 hours. We have other treatments available for birthmark removal. Ask us about different options during your consultation.

Our goal is to remove them completely but we have to be realistic with goals and expectations. The main purpose of Birthmark Removal is to significantly lighten them, at least 70% to 90%. That truly makes a dramatic difference.

 Lasers are designed to treat you with a small series of sessions rather than having downtime with surgery. You may need anywhere from two or more treatments. Everyone has different skin types and goals. We will customize each individual’s treatment plan accordingly.

There is no downtime following the procedure. Resuming daily activities is okay. You may feel warm and swollen temporarily. The area may have crusting, swelling, bruising, scabbing and tenderness. This is normal and if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call.

There is a chance of a complication with any medical procedure, however with this type of non-invasive treatment, you will not notice major complications. The most common side effects are bruising, redness, swelling and possibly increased pigmentation. Other side effects are out of our control, such as how clean you keep the area, refrain from sun exposure or picking at it. These reactions decrease over time.

Not every birthmark can be treated this way but many have good results. It’s best to come in for a consult to examine the area to provide the best assessment and realistic outcomes.

Each session can cost anywhere from $75 and up depending on the size. With multiple technologies and surgical skills, prices may vary pending consults.

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