8 Common Reasons Why Women Undergo Breast Enlargement

December 18, 2020

A beautiful and proportionate body is the wish of every woman on this earth. We all tend to find certain aspects of the body somewhat disproportionate or asymmetrical and wish that somehow we can change and improve it long-lasting and effectively. Like a woman with a small cup size always dreams of having beautiful large breasts. Today, Breast enlargement has become one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures across the world. The procedure of breast enlargement replaces the glandular tissue and is replaced with a specialized implant, which is usually made from silicone gel.

Here are the 8 common reasons why women undergo breast enlargement:

  1. Want to boost self esteem:
    Women, who are dissatisfied with their breasts appearance (because they are too small, too disproportioned, or too droopy) often, struggle with self-esteem. The breasts play a big part in femininity. Women who aren’t happy with their bust lines often feel lack of self confidence. This affects relationships, careers, and other aspects of their lives.
    Breast enlargement helps women gain confidence by offering them their ideal body shapes.

  2. Disproportionately small breasts:
    Some women suffer from micromastia, a condition that causes underdeveloped breasts after puberty; while others simply have small breasts due to genetics. Such women may suffer from bullying and teasing for their shape. They may get embarrassed when it comes to wearing certain clothing, when the size of the breasts is more noticeable.Breast enlargement gives such women a fuller figure and greater confidence.
  3. Recent weight loss
    While weight leads to improved health, it can also lead to excess skin pockets around the breasts which results into sagging breast shape. After intense weight loss, women find their breasts losing full and perky shape. Many women who have recently lost a lot of weight choose to undergo breast enlargement. This allows them to have a fuller chest, combined with their smaller waistlines, offering a more aesthetically pleasing contour.
  4. Pregnancy
    Pregnancy creates many changes to the breasts before as well as after delivery. During this time, breasts often get smaller, droopy, and lose volume. Breast enlargement allows these mothers to restore the breasts after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, so that they can get back to loving their bodies again.
  5. Asymmetrical breasts
    Most of the females have asymmetrical breasts because of growth spurts during puberty, micromastia, uneven estrogen levels, and other factors. This condition can have an enormous impact on a woman’s appearance. Many women choose to undergo breast enlargement cosmetic surgery to even out their figures.
  6. Boost sex life
    A study done by one of the popular cosmetic surgeons, Paulo Guimaros from Brazil proves that women who receive breast enlargement typically experience higher levels of sexual arousal and satisfaction. Following breast enlargement procedure, women notice a significant increase in their sexual well-being.
  7. Better fitting of clothes
    Most women’s clothes are designed for a size C cup, especially tight fitted dresses like body hugging one piece, bikini or even tight fitted T-shirts or kurtis. Breast enlargement helps fit clothes in a better way.
  8. Mastecomy
    Due to mastectomy, women take long time to regain their full and healthy figure. Breast enlargement surgery includes skin grafting and the construction of a nipple and areola which results into better shape of the body.Till now, breast enlargement has been the greatest solution for all those women who have small breasts or have lost breast tissue due to pregnancy and weight loss. Having a breast enlargement is a great option for aesthetic reasons, as well as to raise self-confidence.