How to Get Rid Of Oily Skin

December 18, 2020

What Do We Mean By Oily Skin?

Our skin has both the glands – sweat and sebum.sweat help in water and salt excretion and sebum helps to maintain the oily content of the skin by producing oil.
Skin is made up of 70% water . There is an equal importance of oil in the skin as it helps the skin cells in vital functions and creates a lubricant layer on the skin.

Normally there is a delicate balance between the oiled water balance of the skin, The health o the skin is the sum of water and oil in the skin as both are very critical to the skin.

Whenever there is an excess of oil production in the skin , that means the skin is oily and whenever the water content or oil content is less it is said to be dry.

What Are The Causes Of Oily Skin?

There are various reasons for oily skin:
Hormonal: during puberty , or any other hormonal imbalance , there is an increase in the sebum production of the skin. This leads to ACNE.
Pregnancy: there is a lot of hormonal changes that happen in a women’s body and hence the acne during this time.
Stress: continuous periods of stress in the body lead to increased production of steroids in the body , that leads to increased eruptions and acne in kids specially during exam time.
Increased dryness: sometimes when there is excessive dryness of the skin,i.e when the water levels of the skin have gone down , then also the dehydrated skin gets irritated and produces increased oil.
Aging skin: as skin ages, there is a lot of collagen breakdown in the skin that leads to decreased water retaining capacity of skin and hence oiliness of the skin.
Environment: weather conditions, pollution etc can also disrupts skin delicate balance of water and oil and cause excessive production of oil.
Sun damage: Excessively damaged skin from sun also causes loss of water oil balance.

What Can You Do At Home To Maintain Your Skin?

It is important to remember that the health of the skin depends on 2 things : water and oil. At all time s this must be maintained.

Cleansing: it has to a daily , twice a day ritual . Avoid harsh chemicals that strip the skin moisture. Best to use a neutral ph and oil water balanced cleanser. Use only soap free cleansers.
Toning: It is best to tone the skin with an alcohol free toner , twice a day.
Moisturiser: it is a very important to select the right moisturiser , it should have the right balance of water and oil. Most of the times, we have to use two products to achieve the right oil rate balance – one a gel for hydration/ water and a creme for oil . The creme should have oils that are the nearest to the oils present in the skin.
Sunscreen: the sun rays damage the skin even when you are inside the house through the infrared rays. It is advisable to wear a sunscreen every 3 hrs irrespective of the fact that you re inside the house or outside .

Professional Treatments

Acne treatments: there are multiple treatments available to treat acne and get rid of the pigmentation of acne. The vary from peels to nano peels to mesotherapy etc. Your doctor will customise after analysing your skin and understanding your history.
Monthly Medical facials: medical facials are scientific hygienic way to achieve and maintain a healthy skin. Our skin is very dynamic , it changes according to weather , stress, pollution. So a single gold /diamond / pearl / fruit facial is not going to fix the issues of the skin. Your doctor will understand and analyse your skin and give you the right facial that will go a long way in maintaining the health of your skin. Invest in medical facials with your doctor!!