Laser hair reduction: Choice of today’s youth

December 18, 2020

The women and the men of today desire a smooth, supple and hair-free skin. Summers are around and they’d love to flaunt their bodies, especially if the body is well-toned with near-perfect statistics. With a hair-free body, girls in particular can pick up modern dresses of their choice to wear, like knee-length one-piece/skirts, capris, off-shoulder/sleeve-less tops and more. A hair-free body also allows them to wear bikinis, hot pants, wrap-around dresses during beach holidays etc. In Indian dresses too, they get a wide choice of outfits to wear, such as backless kurtis, blouses and halter-necks. Boys too feel confident when they get to wear tight-fitted t-shirts and flaunt their hair-free biceps and triceps.

The question is – How can excess body hair be reduced or removed in a skin-friendly, quick, cost-effective and long-lasting way? There are various methods for reducing hair, such as waxing, threading, shaving, trimming etc. The most contemporary of these techniques is Laser Hair Reduction Treatment. Today’s youth prefers to opt for laser hair reduction because of the following factors:

  1. Painless treatment: Lasers have come a long way and their technology just keeps getting better. Most of the laser hair reduction machines have a unique and patented cooling system that provides a sense of comfort during operation. Also, there is no lingering or left-over pain once the treatment is completed.
  2. No mess: Methods such as waxing, shaving and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) involve the application of sticky gels and creams during the treatment. There isn’t any such requirement for laser hair reduction. It is an intrinsically clean and hygienic way of reducing hair and only involves use of sterilized equipment and advanced machines that have no side-effects on the skin or otherwise.
  3. Quick procedure: Each pulse of laser hair reduction lasts just a fraction of a second and can cover considerable body area in little time. Small areas such as the chin and the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute. Not only is it a quick procedure, it also helps you save time you’d have invested into monthly threading, trimming or waxing visits.
  4. Cost-effective procedure: The overall cost of laser hair reduction is quite less compared to waxing and other hair removal techniques. It is a permanent hair removal process and you need to pay just once upfront (for the complete course involving 6-10 cycles). On the other hand, waxing and trimming procedures need you to pay in a recurring manner (after every 1-1.5 months).
  5. Freedom to wear whatever you like, whenever you want: With laser hair reduction treatment, your hair-free body becomes your constant companion. You can freely flaunt the persona you had always dreamt of. On the other hand, traditional methods such waxing, threading and trimming need you to build a recurring schedule. If you miss even one visit scheduled in your planner, you need to forget the desire of wearing your favorite sleeveless outfits till the time you visit next.
  6. Avoids ingrown hair: Ingrown hair is a side-effect of hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. The hair could become coarse and curl back or sideways towards the skin. It is also often accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle. Laser hair reduction not just helps you avoid ingrown hair, but also treats and removes them permanently when you undergo the procedure. Follicle infection, if any, is also taken care of.
  7. Brings hygiene: One can maintain overall hygiene by removing growth of unwanted hair. Be it your armpits or bikini lines, laser hair reduction helps keep bacterial infections, especially urinary infections at bay. The knack to itch doesn’t occur at all and the skin handles sweat more healthily. Your skin begins to breathe properly and you stay clear of skin problems and foul odor. Post this treatment, you feel more comfortable personally and socially.
  8. Boosts confidence by enhancing body beauty: Whether you are a man with overtly thick hair on your chest or back, or you are a woman with facial hair or upper lip hair, any unnatural presence of hair on your body can take a toll on your self-esteem. You feel awkward in social situations, especially when someone happens to remark on your body hair. There is no doubt that a hairy body is not-at-all as aesthetically pleasing as a body with smooth skin.

    With laser hair reduction, you would never need to feel worried or embarrassed about body hair again. It helps men flaunt a clearer and more streamlined body by removing unwanted hair on shoulders, back, abs, hands, feet, ears or wherever they are. Women also enjoy flaunting their smooth and silky body post laser hair reduction treatment. They undergo a positive change in their body language and exude the same.

    Laser hair reduction is a safe, smooth, user-friendly and time-tested medical procedure and must be undergone under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner only. The treatment is found to be suitable for all Indian skin types and the underlying procedures are performed by certified therapists and experienced cosmetic dermatologists.