Sugar – Ways It Affects Your Skin!

December 18, 2020

Unbeknownst, you often consume a much higher amount of sugar than you actually realize, as it is widely added in a very high number of foods and beverages. Research suggests that this excessive sugar consumption may ultimately be very harmful for your health – and that it may completely wreck your wishes for smooth and supple skin. Experts believe that overeating sugar can make your skin appear to be wrinkled or dull, and also lead to a host of other skin-related disorders.

Here are the ways in which excessive sugar consumption affects your skin :

1) Causes inflammation

Inflammation, caused by excess sugar intake, can be really damaging for the body – especially because it negatively impacts your immune system, and may lead to frequent breakouts on the skins and increased chances of pimples or warts.

2) Increases wrinkling

Sugar’s inflammatory properties not only lead to breakouts on the skin, but also cause wrinkles. Collagen, which is essential for healthy, supple skin, is broken down by sugar, which makes the skin look dehydrated and dull, also increasing chances of premature wrinkling.

3) Causes imbalances in blood sugar level

Excessive sugar consumption causes irregularities in blood sugar levels by initially increasing sugar levels, which then reduces when insulin in released into your cells. It often ends up making you hungry, moody or shaky and increases stress levels leading to dull looking skin.

4) Leads to occurrence of acne

Increased intake of sugar results in stimulation of hormone levels which raises sebum production and in turn affects growth of skin cells. This may be reason of acne.

5) Causes dehydration and irritation

Sugar consumption in high amounts causes rashes or redness chiefly due to inflammation, which leads to yeast imbalances in your system. It also causes dehydration, by drawing out the water from your cells amounting to dry and puffy skin. Drinking adequate amounts of water and reducing sugar intake is essential in this regard.