Braces Treatment in east Delhi
Braces Treatment in Delhi


Dental Braces

Q)what is the right age for braces treatment?
The best age for braces is between 12-18 years but presently there is no age limit for braces.It can be done at any age.
Braces are one of the easiest way of aligning the teeth, its just that it takes slightly longer time in case adults than in teenagers. so leave your fear behind and experience the best dental braces treatment in East Delhi.


Why braces?

Why should he/she go for braces treatment?
We don't do braces treatment for cosmetics.The primary purpose of braces is to align the teeth well .once they are aligned well -it becomes very easy to keep them clean.Once we are able to maintain our teeth clean-there are hardly any chances for dental cavities or gum problems in future. .
Also once the teeth are aligned well-they work in harmony with each other.They dont grind each other away with and remain healthy for the entire life.
Are braces very painful and are there a lot of diet restrictions and precautions to be taken?
Certainly not.The braces treatment with modern technique with the best dental braces in east Delhi are quite a lot comfortable.there is hardly any pain.Apart from the initial discomfort of 2-3 days. you dont feel anything.the diet restrictions are also minimal..
Certainly you need to be very careful about keeping the teeth clean and need to brush after every meal but that's about it.

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What are the various braces options available?

  1. Metallic braces-normal conventional braces which you all aware off .
  2. Ceramic braces-teeth colored braces but wire is metallic only the visibility is minimal.
  3. Both metallic and ceramic braces can be customised and with sttraightwire system apply a very controlled force and are very much comfortable.   
  4. Lingual braces-applied on the back side of teeth -not visible at all.
  5. Transparent Aligners-such as Invisalign are totally transparent and the most comfortable option available till date.
  6. On an average it takes about 1 to 1.5 years to complete the treatment but this time span can be increased in case adults and other patients as every patients mouth and teeth position is different. so visit  best dental braces specialist  in  East Delhi  for the alignment of your teeth.
  7. Although it takes time but braces are the more natural way of teeth alignment.