Scar Correction Surgery

Scars are formed as a result of the natural healing process when our skin gets injured OR having cut. Scar correction surgery can do wonders to change the appearance of a scar by making it less visible and easy to conceal. Our specialized Scar Correction Surgery team will help you get rid of scars. Clinic Eximus & team is specialized in cosmetic surgery and has great exposure in dealing with scars-related problems. Patients will be provided with detailed instructions with regards to care of their sutures, wounds etc. Our world-class medical facilities & treatment care make us the BEST Scar Correction Surgery Clinic in Delhi.


Scar correction Surgery - A Short Note

When it comes to Scar Correction Surgery Procedure - there a number of surgical treatment options that include:
1.Dermabrasion:- In this procedure, a machine is used to remove the top layers of scarred areas of skin, and the skin surface becomes less visible.
2.Excision:- Its prime objective is to make the scar less noticeable and thinner by surgically cut out and repairing it with stitches.
3.Laser resurfacing:- High energy lasers are used for penetrating the skin and to remove the scar tissues. This is helpful to improve the pockmarks that are caused by acne.
4.Z-Plasty or W-Plasty:- This technique is used to realign scar tissues, and effective for skin tightening.
5.Skin graft and flap surgery:- It’s a most complex surgical procedure used for large skin areas.
Our team of Scar Correction Surgery Surgeons closely examines everything & after this, they ensure what to do or not.

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Clinic Eximus is equipped with world-class facilities where a team of licensed & experienced surgeons makes us the LEADING one scar correction surgery & cosmetic surgery.

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