Eyelid Surgery At Clinic Eximus

Eyelid surgery is basically a surgical procedure aimed to make your eye’s appearance good & improved. This surgery is done on lower lids, upper lids, and both. It’s also known as blepharoplasty, and helpful to restore functional problems as well. If we explore it, eyelid surgery’s prime objective is to repair the droopy eyelids and remove excess skin, muscle and fat. With growing age, eyelids get stretched and the muscles which support them get weakened. So, it may cause poor facial appearance and low confidence. If you’re having any sort of eyelid problem you may contact us. We are one of the BEST Eyelid Surgery CLINIC in Delhi.


What eyelid surgery can treat

It’s always important to know for what purpose eyelid surgery is effective OR what area will be treated while going through the eyelid surgery. We at Clinic Eximus perform surgery after the thorough examination of patients. Our expertise & WORLD CLASS facilities make us the foremost EYELID SURGERY CLINIC IN DELHI. Let’s have an overview:-
1.Sagging or loose skin
2.Fatty deposits may appear as puffiness in the eyelids.
3.Eyes bags.
4.Drooping lower eyelids.,/br> Here it’s worth noting that eyelids are the part of the face, and sometimes it may be due to the relaxation of forehead skin or eyebrows. Our plastic surgeon will evaluate your whole facial anatomy and will discuss the procedure & treat you with their BEST.

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About Eyelid Surgery at Clinic Eximus

We are the top choice eyelid surgery clinic in Delhi/NCR region and so far we have treated thousands of patients.

  1. Short recovery time after blepharoplasty
  2. Eyelid Surgery Cost depends on the type and complexity of the procedure performed.
  3. Performed by the Eyelid Surgery Experts by using the medically indicated procedure.
  4. World-class facilities
  5. Post-treatment Care
  6. Ethical Practice.
  7. Disable Friendly Premises