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Kids Dentistry

Healthy Milk Teeth are important for Healthy Permanent Teeth :

Kids teeth play a very important role in a child's health. It is therefore very important to take care of kids teeth stating at an early age .
1. Chewing:chewing increases the salivary flow that flush away the acid produced by bacteria.
2. Jaw growth: milk teeth helps to widen the jaw and make it ready for the permanent tooth.
3. Healthy permanent tooth: if the milk tooth are healthy then there is more chance of permanent teeth to be healthier for this you must visit the best kids dentist in east Delhi
4. Prevents delayed eruption of permanent tooth: if the milk teeth are cavity free and healthy then coming permanents are also on time.


Ways to Prevent Teeth Problems in Kids

1) Twice Brushing-Childhood is the best time to inculcate the habit of twice brushing.Once children get into this habit then they will never leave this throughout and this one habit of keeping the teeth clean will reduce 70% of the future problem such as cavities,gum issues etc.
2) Habit Breaking appliance-We quite often see children developing these habits such as thumb sucking,mouth breathing,tongue thrusting etc.all these habits if continued beyond 4 years of age can lead to disproportionate growth of the jaws as well as faulty positioning of permanent teeth.there are very easy and effective methods to keep a check on these habits.
3)Importance of milk teeth-the biggest misconception about kids teeth is that they are not very important.we tend to overlook their significance since they all eventually fall.what we fail to understand is that each tooth is there in our mouth for a specific time period.during this time it performs 2 very important roles.

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Prevent your child from milk bottle caries-

  1. NURSING BOTTLE CARIES is also called baby bottle tooth decay. It is caused when a child goes to bed with a bottle filled with milk or juice  in order to prevent this one must remove the bottle from the mouth while sleeping.
  2. Try  not to  give your child a bottle of milk or juice (or any fluid containing sugar) at naptime, bedtime, or to carry around during the day. Give your child water after a feeding to rinse sugary liquid off the teeth.
  3. In order to get best dental treatment for your child do visit the Best kids dentist in East Delhi. we at clinic eximus has the seperate operating area for the kids because they always require special attention and a playful environment.
  4. With our well advanced technology and experience make the treatment  journey of your child very smooth and comfortable.