Dental Pain


Dental Pain

1.Dental pain is an extremely extensive topic but here we have tried to simplify it as much as possible.
2.We all have experienced dental pain in some form or the other at some stage of our lives-luckier are the one who have still not experienced the acute or the most severe type.nothing can be more tortuous than lets us first list out some common causative factors of dental pain


Dental cavity-
1.Cavities in the teeth are the most common,the pain normally is proportional to the depth of the cavity.The deeper the cavity is ,the deeper it is to the pulp(soft area inside the tooth-comprising mainly of nerves and blood vessels)-more is the pain.
2.As the cavity begins from top or from sides of teeth-the initial complaint is mostly of sensitivity to sweet and cold and then gradually as it progresses depper it starts responding to hot and once it has reached the pulp we start experiencing pain continuously which is not initiated by any sweet,cold or hot.the pain becomes so intense that you might wake up from sleep also and quite a lot of times no painkiller helps at that time.even postural variation such as lying down or bending down can increase the pain.the treatment is simple cleaning of the cavity and filling if cavity is not very deep but its RCT if the cavity has reached into the pulp.

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Dental cavity

  1. Sensitivity of teeth- is also quite a number of times confused as pain in the normally happens to cold but can happen to heat as well.most of the times its there because of cracks in the teeth or because of tooth brush trauma( because of hard brushing or using hard brush) or because of teeth grinding.
  2. Mouth ulcers- sometimes ulcers in the soft tissues around the teeth can also lead to sever pain.It can be corrected by removing the cause and symptoms can be reduced by laser therapy as well as gum application
  3. Food impaction - in between the teeth can lead to pain in the gums region.Often there are pockets around the teeth in the gums which act as food reservoir which can lead to lot of pain and discomfort.deep cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene is the only solution
  4. Infection around the wisdom teeth -is a very common problem which happens with most of us and can lead to a lot of pain swelling and discomfort.
  5. if the wisdom tooth is not coming out in the right direction then it must be removed to maintain hygiene in that region
  6. Pain on closing and opening the jaw and around the ear region- can be because of joint muscles going into a spasm and can be corrected by correcting your bite so these are the major varieties of pain which can effect your oral region.the best approach is to consult your dental surgeon at first sign of the problem so that we can treat it initially and stop it from progressing toa more troublesome state.