full mouth rehablitation
full mouth rehablitation


Full Mouth rehabilitation

1.Full mouth rehabilitation cases are one of the most challenging cases to manage in a dental practice. This is because such cases involve not only the replacement of the lost tooth structure but also focuses on replacing the lost facial height.
2.Full mouth reconstruction is basically a set of procedures that are aimed at correcting an improper bite position as well as restoring chipped/worn out teeth or replacing all teeth when patient has lost all his teeth.


Q)What are the situations when we need full mouth rehabilitation?
A)Full mouth rehabilitation is required in following 2 situations:
1)When all the teeth have become flat or have abraded because of faulty bite or because of some habits such as tobacco chewing or night grinding.
2)When a person has lost all his teeth and wants a fixed replacement of all teeth.
Q)How will we realise that we need complete bite makeover?
A)You can gauge that you need a complete makeover by noticing following signs
1)All teeth becoming flatter and loosing there height:
2) Chewing efficiency getting compromised
3)Food impaction happening in between all the teeth
4)Regular headaches and muscular pain leading to pain around the ear region and on opening/closing the mouth
5)facial height reducing in the mid face region leading to drooping of lips and face giving an older appearance.

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  • Q)Does full mouth rehabilitation just means putting caps in all the teeth?
A)No,not at all.Since the original height of the face is lost first we need to establish your original height using a very scientific and totally painless approach.once we establish that then depending on the space we have lost ,we decide what needs to be done-simple filling/minor add on onlays /crowns.
  • Q)Does that mean-I will not be able to eat while the treatment is going on?
A)No ,not at all.You always go out of the clinic with temporary caps/fillings.Once you are comfortable with your new bite then we replace with permanent fillings/onlays.Throughout the treatment you will be able to eat normally. 
  • Q)What about people who have lost all their teeth?
A)Don't  be disheartened.There is good news.Now we can replace all your teeth with 6-8 implants/jaw and give you beautiful naturally looking fixed teeth