Dandruff treatment in east dehi for males
Dandruff Treatment in East Delhi


Dandruff Treatment in Delhi

-Dandruff is a common scalp condition in which there is dry skin that flakes off the scalp. You can see white oily flakes on your scalp or It is mainly seen when we wear dark clothes and it tends to settle on our shoulders, causing us embarrassment.
-Clinic Eximus and Team deliver result-oriented solutions for all your hair problems including dandruff. Our team of hair specialists puts their best to cure dandruff issues. Since our inception, we have treated thousands of patients who were facing dandruff problems.


Causes of Dandruff

It is a common myth that Poor Hygiene causes Dandruff. That is not true! Poor hygiene doesn't cause Dandruff, however if you do not clean your scalp properly then it becomes more noticeable as the skin cells increase in number.
1.Seborrheic dermatitis - it is a severe form of Dandruff where actually chunks of dry skin fall off taking some amount of hair with it .
2.Yeast Malassezia is also said to be one of the culprits. It is actually a fungus that increases cell growth considerably on the scalp
3.Haircare products: Multiple hair care products can sometimes irritate the scalp leading to Dandruff
4.Oilier hair - some people have inherently oily hair, leading to an oily scalp and dandruff Medical conditions - some illnesses like Hiv, Parkinsons, and decreased immunity conditions can lead to dandruff

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