What are under eye dark circles? There are various changes that occur in the periodontal area. IE area around the eyes as one ages three most important changes that occur are
1. Under eye dark circles
2. Development of freckles dark spots wrinkles crow's feet
3. development of eye bags
4.Dark circles are nothing but pigmented patches involving the lower eyelids, but sometimes extended to involve upper eyelids also.
5. They're usually start after puberty 16 to 25 years or at an early adulthood females are more predisposed compares to males because of hormonal factors. Why do under eye dark circles develop?


Under eye dark circles developed basically of three reasons.
1. Excessive pigmentation This means increased pigmentation around the area of I due to various reasons
2. excessive vascularity. As I lead is very thin the blood vessels present within the muscles are easily visualized the voices changes lead to appearance of Dark circles
3. Shadow effect A combination of loose skin and appearance of fat from breed The muscle leads to a shadow effect that looks like dark circles.
4.It is very important the actual cause of this under eye dark circles because the treatment Will depend on the cause. Predict the outcome of the treatment.
How can under eye dark circles to be treated?
1.Under eye dark circles can be treated effectively at Clinic Eximus

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We follow a comprehensive approach for the treatment of under eye dark circles.

  1. Identify the night cause of dark circles chemical peels they are an important tool for reduction of under eye dark circles 
  2. chemical peels clear up the pigmentation and also stimulated collagen production in under eye area. 
  3. PRP platelet rich plasma has been shown to improve the under eye dark circles and help in under eye rejuvenation. 
  4. Fillers Under eye dark circles can be treated. With fillers fillers voluminous the skin lending to reduction in appearance of dark circles. This also lead to underwrite tightening and rejuvenation.