Dental implants in delhi
Dental implants in east delhi



1. Dental implants in simple terms have revolutionized the entire universe of treatment options available for you.There are so many reasons because of which you might have lost one, more than one or all of your teeth,now imagine your plight -prior to implants the only treatment option available was either a removable denture or a very cruel and unnatural technique of bridging the teeth where the neighboring healthy teeth were unnecessarily cut and made short so that they act as a support for 3 or more crowns/caps joint together.
2. The introduction of titanium based dental implants just revolutionized the entire no longer do we cut or overload the neighboring teeth with minimal pain/discomfort we can place the dental implant in the missing tooth site and replace the entire tooth from down to top.


When to go for Dental Implants?

1. Dental implants can be done in any age group and they are so much essential in old age when u have lost few or more teeth.once your chewing efficiency and cosmetic appearance is back to normal with implants it enhances your confidence to newer heights and helps you in enjoying life rather than suffering.
2.Get the Best implant treatment done in east delhi at CLINIC EXIMUS we offer you the best dental implants available in the world and that too under the specialist guidance of the specialist IMPLANTALOGIST-who make the most complex of procedures very simple and almost painless.

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  1. Definitely no, dental implants are not at all painful its a very minor surgical procedure in which the titanium implants are placed in patients mouth followed by capping after 3 months. 
  2.  Whether it’s the front tooth or the back one they all can be replaced with dental implants,not only that if conditions are suitable we place the implant in the same visit the tooth is removed .This ‘TOOTH IN A DAY”  concept has made the implant option very comfortable and appealing.
  3. Also for patients who have lost or about to loose all teeth implants can be placed in the same visit we are planning to remove your teeth and in same or next visit we can give you temporary fixed replacement options so that you are never without teeth.
  4. With proper planning, surgical expertise and sterilization protocol we can make dental implants -your lifelong companion.