Dimple Creation

1.A dimple is a small depression on the cheeks or chin which makes your smile attractive & impressive. Besides beauty, dimples are known as a sign of beauty and good luck. Approximately 20% of the world's population has natural dimples. DimplePlasty is known as one of the best surgery for dimple creation and an attractive facial contour. Dimple creation surgery at our clinic is safe and completely scarless (it’s hidden). The results will be outstanding.
2.You may think about - How do I prepare? then here’s the answer - you need to contact us. Our experts, dermatologists, and experienced surgeons will definitely help you.


DimplePlasty Procedure:- A Step by Step Guide

Clinic Eximus’ plastic surgeons have great exposure to DimplePlasty (i.e creation of dimples). Before treatment, our experts tell you about precautions & advise you what to do and don’t.
Before Treatment:-
1.Stop taking medication which can cause blood thinning.
2.Stop smoking.
3.Don’t eat or take meals for 6 weeks.
First, our dimplePlasty surgeon will mark the area on cheeks, where a new dimple needs to be created. The intraoral incision will be made & absorbable sutures will be passed through inside the cheeks. The suture is tied to create dimples.
DimplePlasty is quite safe, reliable and easy. However, they can have a chance of having redness and swelling just after the treatment. Patients can continue their normal routine activity and return to a normal diet.

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