Birthmark Removal

1.Clinic Eximus is a one-stop solution & the BEST CLINIC for all types of Birth Marks. Our team of plastic surgeons uses Advanced procedures, Laser resurfacing treatments and light therapy to deal with vascular and pigmented birthmarks. There are many causes of Birthmarks including- sudden growth of pigmented cells, hereditary, irregular blood vessels which are also known as vascular birthmarks.
2.The range of birthmarks is extensive and are in different colors, shapes and sizes. A few birthmarks like - angel kisses, strawberry marks and Mongolian blue spots fade with the passage of time but a few do not. These birthmarks whenever occur on the face may drop the confidence level, and you may feel low while facing society. Sometimes these may lead to other health issues.


Types of Birthmarks

1. Moles
2. Cafe au- lait
3. Mongolian spot
4. Haemangiomas
5. Port wine
6. Nevus of ota
BirthMark Removing Procedures:
Birthmarks such as moles or hemangiomas can lead to certain medical conditions. Therefore it’s good to treat them as early as possible. Here are a few Birthmark removal procedures that you need to understand, however, our team of plastic surgeons will evaluate everything and after monitoring your condition we will tell which one is suitable for you. Let’s have a quick overview of the Birthmark Removal Procedure:-
Laser Therapy:
Laser therapy is one of the finest ways to deal with Birthmark. It can remove or significantly lighten port-wine stains and can make them slightly visible. Our team of plastic surgeons has expertise in performing laser therapy. We offer you safe and effective laser treatment at the most affordable price. Today, we are recognized as the BEST laser therapy treatment clinic in Delhi. The results of our laser therapy treatment are quite good and produce excellent results. Surgery
Some Birthmarks can be treated by surgery. Deep hemangiomas and large moles are removed in this way.

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Beta-blockers is a kind of oral medication that is used to treat high blood pressure conditions. Propranolol is a beta-blocker that is good for reducing the size and appearance of hemangiomas. Beta-blockers work effectively by reducing the blood flow and also shrinks the blood vessels. The results of the beta-blockers are quite good. Our team of experts uses the BEST practices to remove The Birthmark. Why Clinic Eximus Can Be The First Choice For Birth Mark Removal  

  1. Minimal Downtime
  2. Safe For Body
  3. Removes Disfiguring Mark
  4. Improve Appearance
  5. Proper Sterilization
  6. Latest and Advanced Tool
  7. Expert Dermatologists and Cosmetologist