Ear Surgery

Ear surgery involves  two different types of surgeries : 

Lobulo Plasty, Oto Plasty

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Lobulo Plasty

It is a surgery to repair split or torn earlobes The tear usually happens as a result of tugging on the ear, wearing heavy jewelry.

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Oto plasty / Ear Surgery

-It is a type of plastic surgery that can improve the shape, position and proportion of the ear. - Otoplasty / Ear Surgery can correct misshapen ears due to injury or accidents - Otoplasty / Ear Surgery Can correct developmental issues of the ears that affect the ear externally.

What can Otoplasty / Ear Surgery treat?

    • Overly large ears.
    • Protruding ears not associated with hearing loss.
    • Person dissatisfied with the shape of the ears. 

Who is a good candidate for Ear Surgery ?

Children And teenagers can be good candidates for Ear Surgery .

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Healthy without any life threatening conditions or untreated chronic infections 5 yr or older Communicative and cooperative.

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Healthy individuals who do not have life threatening conditions or untreated chronic infections Non smokers Who have positive outlook.

Patient Care & Comfort is our Top priority.

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Lobuloplasty helps to repair the torn earlobes. The Plastic Surgeon removes the damaged tissue and stitches the wound site . 

On an average , the earlobe repair heals within 12 weeks , post which you can get your ears pierced .


It is very unlikely that a torn earlobe repairs itself .

Adults can return to work after a few days , children can return to school after a week . Complete healing takes about six weeks 


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