Q)What are Crowns and Bridges?

A)Dental Crowns or as they are more commonly called tooth caps are covers for the teeth. It is used when your teeth are cracked, broken, discolored or when the fillings have been lost. This kind of tooth cap is called a crown.
Dental Bridges-are 2 or more crowns or caps joined to each other.they are normally done to replace a missing tooth by taking support from neighbouring teeth.
Q)What is the purpose of having a Crown?Why just a filling is not sufficient?
(a)Crowns are most often done after the root canal treatment.After the root canal if we find that your natural tooth is quite weak and will not be able to bear the chewing forces and might break -then we take this decision of placing a crown on the tooth.So its not essential to put a crown after every root canal but practically we visit a dentist so late that by that time the tooth is already quite destroyed.So we have to do a crown.So the key here is to visit the dentist early so that you can avoid both root canal treatment and crown as well


Q)What are the various materials these crowns and bridges can be made up off?

A)Crowns and Bridges can be made up of
2)metal + ceramic
3)Ceramic only-which can be either zirconia or Emax
4)Acrylic/PMMA-only for temporay crowns
Q} I dont want my teeth to be cut more-Is there any other option?
Thats a wonderful question and yes the answer is a big YES.With the advancement in adhesive dentistry there are so many options with pure ceramic material that we do not need to cut your tooth more just for the purpose of putting a crown.Whatever tooth structure is lost naturally we just clean that up and make a recording of that area,send it to the lab and they make beautiful pure ceramic-inlays,onlays, endocrowns and overlays.They are very conservative as we have done no extra cutting of the tooth and at the same time they are completley metal free and exactly tooth like.So no longer its advisable to opt for routine crowns but rather opt for these more conservative,cosmetic and longer lasting options

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Q)What about bridges?Can they be avoided as well?

A)Yes for sure.Why should we cut and compromise the health of 2 or more healthy teeth just to replace a single or more teeth.I would say its a crime to do so.We can easily do an implant in the position of the missing tooth and dont touch the healthy neighboring teeth at all.this way you get a fixed replacement of your missing tooth which is on its own completely and is not dependent on the neighbouring teeth at all