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Hair Transplant

We consider hair loss problems to be the most common issue these days. The change in lifestyle, diet and various other factors have enhanced the problem of hair loss at an early age. Loss of confidence and good looks because of the severe loss of hair results in pattern baldness and other hair loss problems, with the only permanent treatment being hair transplant surgery.

If you notice any signs of severe hair loss, such as baldness or other scalp-related issues, look for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi that offers satisfactory results. Then Eximus Clinic should be your first choice for hair transplant surgery. As we always suggest, before opting for any procedure, you must acknowledge it. What is hair transplant surgery? And why should an individual opt for it instead of choosing another reliable and less expensive procedure?

What is Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a practice in which we transplant hair grafts to the bald regions of the scalp, which provides coverage of the scalp. The hair follicles are obtained from the back of the head.

Usually, the surgery for a hair transplant treatment is performed under local anesthesia. However, the clinic Eximus is the only hair transplant hospital in New Delhi that believes in performing it under conscious sedation. What leads to hair fall problems?

What leads to Hair fall problems?

Hair density depends on two factors: hair fall and growth, and the imbalance between these two leads to slow baldness.

In addition, several causes ultimately result in severe hair loss problems and baldness. Such as

    • Lifestyle changes
    • Changes in food habits
    • Genetics
    • Hormonal changes
    • Medications and supplements
    • Stress
    • Various heat and chemical hair treatment
    • Radiation therapy
    • Aging

Which individual should go for a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss has become one of the most significant problems because of changing lifestyles and food habits that affect the body, mind, and health.

Now, talking about the patterns, people with these concerns can opt for a hair transplant.

    • Male pattern baldness
    • Female pattern baldness
    • Hairline recession
    • A Decrease in the density of hair.

Who can avail the hair transplantation?

Except for a few, this is available to everyone.

    1. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy
    2. Patients who tend to develop scars post injury
    3. Patients who don’t have enough hair at the donor place
    4. Female with excessive hair loss.

Why should an individual go for hair transplant surgery?

The most often-asked question is why an individual should choose hair transplant surgery when other alternatives are available.

Surgeons suggest you go for a hair transplant because it has been asserted to be one of the most beneficial hair therapies, as an individual will encounter no balding or hair loss again in their life.

The five proven benefits of hair transplant surgery are

    • Improved Appearance

Improved appearance is one of the most precise and lasting results of a hair transplant surgery that can enhance the comprehensive impression of an individual’s air and face.

    • Natural Procedure

The foremost advantage of a permanent hair transplant is that it is a completely protected and customary process. This procedure does not comprise any chemicals or drugs which can harm hair follicles. This method involves the extraction of natural hair follicles from the donor area to rehabilitate the lost hair in the recipient area, which compels it an entirely natural process.

    • Eradicates Balding

A hair transplant treatment will help an individual get rid of all hair-related issues, as it delivers outcomes for all conditions, such as a fading hairline or bald spots on the head.

    • Low Maintenance

The transplanted hair appears natural and functions like natural hair. You don’t need special shampoos or chemicals to achieve hair density. They require little maintenance as they are the patient’s hair and grow normally. The procedure with no regular trips by the surgeon after the operation. After a year, most people repeat the process for thicker or fuller hair.

    • Cost Effective

Since this is a permanent solution, it is expensive. However, the cost may vary from person to person depending on certain factors, such as location, skill, and experience of the surgeon, the method chosen, and others. With a single procedure, you don’t have to spend money on regular or follow-up visits.

Types of hair transplant methods

The field of medicine comprises several advancements. The various hair transplantation methods are among these hair transplant procedures.

Hair Transplant ,FUT Method

FUT Method

This method involves taking the strip of hair follicles from the donor side while the recipient side prepares to gain the follicles by creating spaces on the scalp. This surgery is done under local anesthesia. In Eximus, you have the option of conscious sedation. Despite being a wonderful method, it has some disadvantages, like a healing time and the appearance of scars at donor sites.

FUE Method

FUE Method

This method includes the harvesting of individual hair follicles from a donor site and transplanting them to the recipient site. Though we consider it skill-related, this method is popular as it successfully tackles the FUT method's downsides. It has a fast recovery rate.

The strategy used For Hair Transplant surgery

Before processing the hair transformation, a meeting should be conducted with your respective hair transplant surgeon in which the expectations and results of the procedure should be discussed thoroughly.

Clinic Eximus provides at least 2-3 sittings for this hair transplant procedure, allowing for the best hair loss transplantation.

Initially, the blood test would be conducted, and after that, the following procedure is followed.

    1. The scalp is shaved to provide a clean field.
    2. The hairline is marked and shown to patients.
    3. After giving local anesthesia, the procedure starts, and also the option of conscious sedation is Available for more relaxed hair transplantation.
    4. After this, the desired number of follicles are implanted into the recipient’s heads, which were taken from the donor site.
    5. Post this, a strip bandage may be placed in some cases, and the field is closed or the remaining hair on your head covers the surgical area.

Cost of Hair transplant surgery

The average cost of a hair transplant treatment is mainly measured based on the number of grafts that have been used on an individual. The cost of surgery might range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,000,000, excluding taxes and consultation, treatment, medications, and follow-up treatments.

The cost of the treatment can be altered by the following factors-

    1. Number of grafts used
    2. Locality, facilities, and appliances used in the clinic.
    3. Type of hair transplant procedure as per the requirement.
    4. The severity of hair loss.

Why choose us?

Why should you choose Clinic Eximus for hair transplant treatment? The reasons why an individual should choose us are

Results-oriented strategy

At Clinic Eximus, we believe that hair problems should have realistic outcomes. We acknowledge transparency, and our hair professional will counsel you towards a realistic outcome rather than vowing something that cannot be attained.

Hair treatment costs

While we use the most recent and developed hair treatment technology, we do our best to maintain costs, which should be accessible without jeopardizing the outcomes of the treatment in any way.

Skilled and professional team

The hair specialist in the clinic Eximus is internationally trained and practices advanced treatment procedures to attain hair loss and hair growth outcomes for both genders.

Latest and most advanced technology

The use of the latest technology at clinic Eximus has delivered the most successful treatments for hair transplants.

Pain during hair treatment

Most hair treatments are painless. If the patient is afraid, we have the conscious sedation function (nitrous oxide anesthesia) at the Eximus Clinic. It has treated thousands of patients. Our hair specialist is internationally trained and follows advanced treatment methods.

Sterilization and Hygiene

Our hair specialist is internationally trained and uses advanced treatment methods to achieve hair loss and hair growth results for both men and women.

Trusted Treatments

Clinic Eximus is powered by trust. The trust that our patients place in our activity can only be achieved with good action, ethics, and quality services.

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What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are taken form one place and impalnted into an area where there is no hair or less hair.

Who should get a Hair Transplant?

    1. Person with male pattern baldness issues. 
    2. Person who has alopecia 
    3. Person who has less hair in the beard area. 
    4. Someone who has a receding hair line.

Hair Transplant Products

Inbilt- F solution

INBILT F SOLUTION contains Finasteride and Minoxidil, which belongs to the group of medicines called 5-Alpha reductase…

Inbilt – 5 solution

Inbilt 5 Solution belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators. It is used to promote hair growth in men with male pattern baldness. Inbilt 5 Solution…

Haircross tablet

Our Hair Cross Cyclical Therapy increases blood flow in the scalp and nourishes your hair with all essential nutrients, promoting healthier hair…

Grip hair Conditiner

Grip Hair-DH Conditioner is a anti-dandruff shampoo which contains Climbazole, Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid,Tea Tree oil, D-Panthenol…

Hair Transplant FAQ's

Yes, if the procedures are planned and executed properly , then hair transplants do work. Patient understanding and expectation of the result should also be realistic .

Regular  Hair regrowth sessions should be taken to nourish the follicles post Hair Transplant.

Hair transplant can be done at ages above 25 yr for better results .

The hair passes through the 3 hair cycles and the 3rd hair cycle is usually the permanent one. So you will start to see the results starting 6 months and the best results  after a year. 

Hair transplants last a lifetime since they use the hair resistant to the effect of testosterone .

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