Hymenoplasty  is the cosmetic repair or construction of a womens Hymen. The hymen consists of human tissue that resembles an oval rubber washer that partially or completely covers the vaginal opening This ring shaped membrane can be thin or flexible or thick and rigid. It begins to form when the female is still in the womb in about the 4th month of pregnancy Contrary to the normal belif, Hymne is not an impenetrable seal, if this was so there would be no portal for menstrual flow or healthy vaginla discharge to leave the body. Like the appendix, the hymen serves no particular function.

Myth around Hymen

various cultures and traditions implicate the presence of hymen as a sign of virginity Scientifically. 1 in 1000 women are not born with hymen can be torn by strenuous activities, such as exercise , cycling, inserting a tampon, and simple gynecological examination. Absence of hymen is not a  confirmation of loss of virginity.

Reasons for Hymenoplasty

    • Cultural belief and traditions.

    • Burying a traumatic sexual past.

    • A gift to the married partner.

    • Post pregnancy.

    • Imperforate hymen to create flow of menstrual blood.

    • Septate hymen that prevents penile penetration.

    • Microperforate hymen where the opening is very small.


Is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia wherein either the hymen is restored or reconstructed. if the skin is torn, it is neatly stitched together, if it is missing a flap can be raised and hymen is created.

Recovery time

The surgery lasts for about 1-2 hrs , depending on whether it is repair or reconstruction. The hospital stay is not required. During 48-72 hrs there may be slight bleeding. Full recovery takes about 6 weeks, post which you can have your first sexual encounter.


As with any surgery , there are complications associated with Hymenoplasty like :

    • Pain.
    • Discharge.

    • Feeling dizzy.

    • Itching.


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In this video you will get in depth details of Hymenoplasty/Hymen Reconstruction – It’s Types and procedure and cost in India. Side effects of Hymenoplasty (Virginity) Surgery and Precautions After Hymenoplasty Surgery.

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Hymen surgery or Hymenoplasty is reputed to be a surgery with negligible risks.

Hymenoplasty is a simple surgery to restore virginity.

Though  hymenoplasty is a simple yet delicate procedure , the success rate  is 100%

The stitches dissolve and the scar is almost invisible in 1- 2months . 



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