Invisible Braces Cost in Delhi


Why to choose invisible braces?

If we talk about braces then invisible braces fall in the category of the most comfortable often we come across patients who are willing for braces ,who understands how important for them it is to get their teeth aligned but don’t do it just because the fixed braces option is too uncomfortable for them or because of their cosmetic appearance.They also feel that now since they have crossed the teenage they cant get the braces treatment.


Advantages of going for Invisible Braces

1.CLINIC EXIMUS offers solution to all the above candidates with the most advanced invisible braces option-INVISALIGN.whatever reluctance you have-this treatment option removes everything.this is the most comfortable braces opition till date -no matter how complex is your problem-this treatment option makes it way to easy.
2. It can be done in any age group.its actually invisible.nobody can make out that you are wearing them.on top of it they are so thin and comfortable that you also don’t feel anything when you are wearing them.on top of it if you are going for any important event and not comfortable wearing them ,then you can remove them and wear them back once you are back.
CLINIC EXIMUS provides you with all types of invisible braces option under the specialist guidance of Orthodontists.

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Advanced form of invisible braces- INVISALIGN

FAQs A.what are the benifits of invisible braces?

  •  they are practically invisible , so patient is more comfortable
  • Easy to maintain specially the aligners and Invisalign
  • Easier  to maintain oral hygiene
  • Effective even for complex cases.
  • B.How clear aligners differ from invisalign?
  • Clear and transparent. Noone will know you are wearing one.
  • They are removable. You can remove them when you eat or drink something hot.
  • Very easy to maintain oral hygiene, you can remove them and brush and floss your teeth
  • Faster than braces in some cases
  • Shorter appointment times
  • Increased acceptance