Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

We all have heard about Braces. They play a very important role in the correction of your teeth. Teeth correction may be required for both aesthetic reasons and functional reasons. Aesthetic reasons include crooked teeth, forwardly placed teeth, gummy smiles, crowding of teeth etc. Functional reasons include gum issues, bite issues, muscular issues  etc. As teeth play an important role in maintaining the balance between the oro facial complex that includes the joints and muscles, a discrepancy in them can lead to functional issues that can occur as constant headaches, bite problems, sensitivity of teeth, gum problems, cracking of teeth etc. Usually functional issues arise later in life as corrections were not done earlier. This is one of the common reasons for Adults opting for Invisible Braces as they do not like any obstruction of their social life. But conscious teenagers are also showing an increased requirement for Invisible braces.

Types of Invisible Braces

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Ceramic invisible braces

As the name suggests, they are made of mostly ceramic or porcelain or tooth colored materials . They are basically of 2 types Regular - here the metal brackets will be replaced by the ceramic brackets and the wire will be the same - stainless steel . also rubber bands will be used so instead of having a metallic look of the metal braces, only a thin wire will be seen on the tooth surface. Self - Ligating - these types of ceramic Invisible Braces use Doors or clips to hold the wire rather than the rubber bands . they are mainly used in Patients who are more sensitive to discomfort Patient who cannot sit still in the dental chair for a long time.

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These types of Invisible braces are actually invisible as they are not seen on the front surface of the teeth. The braces are positioned at the back of the surfaces of the teeth. This makes it unique as it needs a special skill set in an orthodontist to understand the mechanics of tooth movement from behind. The braces are also very unique in these cases. At Clinic Eximus, our team has qualified Orthodontists who specialize in Lingual Invisible Braces too. Lingual braces are highly recommended for people who have active social presence and cannot afford to be seen with braces. Though there is an initial discomfort with the speech, the tongue adapts very fast to the change.

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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are another type of Invisible Braces . They use acrylic /plastic trays to align your no brackets, no wires , no rubber bands Definitely they have a lot of advantages Clear and transparent. Noone will know you are wearing one. They are removable. You can remove them when you eat or drink something hot. Very easy to maintain oral hygiene, you can remove them and brush and floss your teeth Faster than braces in some cases Shorter appointment times Increased acceptance.

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Most of you have heard about INVISALIGN . In fact many celebrities endorse it too. They are an International BRAND That started the concept of invisible braces . It is a US based brand , the lab is based out there and all the aligners are fabricated in that lab.There are various advantages of INVISALIGN over the regular aligners They use a 3 D Scan technology to make impressions of your teeth and gums . this makes it more accurate in planning even small movements. Once the scan is sent to the central lab in the US , a simulation with multiple options of treatment is made available to the patient. In fact you can see how the movements will happen in your teeth to achieve the final results . at any point you can give your inputs for your personalized requirements. It is able to treat very complex cases that are sometimes not possible to be treated by aligners. At Clinic Eximus , we have Orthodontists that specialise in INVISALIGN and we are proud to have treated multiple cases with Invisible Braces.


Before & After

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Patient After Getting Her INVISALIGN Treatment At Clinic Eximus.

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Advantages of Invisible Braces are :

1 . they are practically invisible , so patient is more comfortable

  1. Easy to maintain specially the aligners and Invisalign
  2. Easier  to maintain oral hygiene 
  1. Effective even for complex cases
  1. Space discrepancy:  If teeth are larger in size than the space available in the jaw it leads to crowded arrangement of teeth. Sometimes the size of teeth is smaller than the available space in the jaw, which leads to open spaces in between the teeth.
    2) Genetics  play a very important role in determining the arrangement of teeth. Size of the teeth and size of the jaw are factors, which are inherited from the parents. Sometimes a child inherits teeth from the paternal side and jaw from the mother’s side or vice versa leading to space discrepancy and crooked teeth.
    3) Habits      such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing also lead to malpositioning of teeth

  1. A) Correction is necessary not just for aesthetics or appearance but the main reason is to provide functional stability and prevent future problems.

1)  Gum Problems: With crooked teeth the main problem arises while cleaning the area in between the teeth. Even our toothbrush fails to reach and clean this area in between teeth leading to food accumulation, which is the root cause of all gum problems. Weakening of gums eventually leads to teeth mobility and teeth loss 

2)   Joint & Muscle Problems: Sometimes teeth are so malpositioned that they do not meet each other in a proper manner leading to strained muscles and  TM Joint (clicking sound while mouth opening or restricted mouth opening). Continuous stress leads to weakened joint and muscle fatigue, which starts showing serious manifestations as age advances.

3) Crooked teeth can also cause difficulty in speech and pronunciation of some letters.

Sometimes Braces treatment is carried out in adults to treat certain misalignments that cause   muscular, joint or gum problems. They also can have the option of metal or ceramic braces.

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