Veneers and Laminates

1.Dental veneers and laminates are result-oriented for you to improve your appearance, smile and confidence. People feel high with a better-looking smile. These two dental procedures are considered effective to make you confident and transform your visual appearance. Both are very popular procedures in dentistry serving the same benefits & used for restorations of teeth.
2.Meanwhile, you will have a positive mindset with improved overall health. Veneers and laminates have their own merits where dental laminates don’t change the tooth’s structure and are preferred over long-term solutions. Our team of expert dental professionals does everything best for you to bring a brighter smile to your face. Hurry up to get the dental laminate & veneer service.


When Should You Consider Using a Veneer or Laminate?

1.Porcelain Veneers
Veneers basically are made up of two types of material - Porcelain and composite. The prime difference between both types of veneers is their durability and appearance. Veneer placement on teeth is somehow complicated & requires reshaping of teeth. Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are effective for improving the aesthetic look of the teeth. These are best fit for protecting the surface of your tooth & can change the color, shape, size and length.
2.Dental Laminates
Dental laminates are also known for serving the same functions and benefits. The tooth structure remains the same, and the placing of laminates doesn’t impact on enamel. Laminates are thinner as compared to the veneer, where its thickness is like a contact lens. Even after this, the strength doesn’t get impacted.
3.Which One You Should Opt?
Actually, Veneer & Laminates serve the same purpose & benefits but have some sort of differences in the placement procedure. Which one is good, it entirely depends on various factors. Veneers are good for providing the aesthetic look and protection of the tooth’s surface, on the other side of the coin laminates are the best fit for aesthetic purposes.
At Clinic Eximus we explore each and everything about the veneer and laminates and advise them which one will be better.

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Procedure for Veneer Placement

  1. Our dentists will help you in the restoration of your teeth, from single to multiple. We take an impression of the patient's teeth for creating veneers and laminates which match in size, shape, and color of teeth. This process may take approximately one week. 
  2. First, we create temporary veneers with removal glue. When permanent veneers get ready, we remove the temporary one while ensuring that the new one is perfectly fit. The permanent veneer will be firmly attached to the tooth & provides outstanding results. You will feel confident after having the veneer placement. 
  3. After this, we prescribe the pain medication so that patients could get relief from pain and swelling. In the initial days, it’s always recommended to take soft foods. It will help you to gain your confidence again with a beautiful smile.
Reasons Why You Should Go with Veneers and Laminates
  1. There are so many benefits of veneers and laminates to make your teeth look better & beautiful. The veneer and laminate procedure is extremely helpful to transform your smile into an attractive one. It’s a non-surgical way of treatment with less recovery time. Both will keep your teeth whiter and brighter.</br>
  • Let’s have an overview of the benefits of Veneer and Laminates Procedure:-
  • Close the gap between your teeth.
  • Improve  the tooth position/length 
  • Make your smile good-D
  • Corrects stain, and discoloration of teeth.
  • Non-surgical
  • Take-less time
  • In-Budget
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