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Revitalize Your Smile with Lip Augmentation at Clinic Eximus

Lip Augmentation is a part of a vast number of procedures under the umbrella of Lip Reshaping. Lips play an important role in our looks and can tell our age. Full plumper lips with sharp margins and straight or upwards contours are signs of Youth, whereas thin, dehydrated droopy lips are signs of Old age.

Understanding Signs of Lip Aging

As we age , the following changes happen in our lips:

    • The Red portion of the lips losses volume.
    • The cupid bow flattens and the length of philtrum increases.
    • Lips become drier.
    • The edges of lips droop down.
    • Fine lines and wrinkles start appearing on the lips and around the lips. 

Effective Procedures for Lip Enhancement

Lip Fillers

    • Lip fillers are substances injected into the lips to enhance the shape, hydration and volume of the Lips.
    • They are usually  Hyaluronic acid based that give the lips a younger look.
    • They need to be repeated mostly after a year.
    •  Painless.
    • In office – lunch time procedure.

Lip Implants

    • Implants are placed to increase the volume of the lips.
    • More permanent procedure.
    • Minor surgical procedure.
    • Lasting results.

Fat Grafting

    • Uses fat from your own body to be transplanted into the lips.
    • The fat can stay for 5 yrs or longer.
    • Office time procedure.
    • No need for hospitalization. 

Tissue Grafting

    • In this procedure instead of fat, Tissue Graft is placed under the lips.
    • Lasts for 5 yrs and longer.
    • In office procedure, there is no need for hospitalization.

Why Choose Clinic Eximus for Lip Augmentation?

At Clinic Eximus, we redefine beauty with expert lip augmentation services. Our skilled professionals specialize in innovative procedures such as lip fillers, implants, fat grafting, and tissue grafting. 

Choose Clinic Eximus for personalized care, cutting-edge techniques, and a commitment to enhancing your natural beauty. Trust us to bring back the youthfulness and allure to your lips with precision and excellence.


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Invest in a lip filler early as soon as you see signs of lip aging . this will keep your lips from looking aged 

Yes , sun exposure is  one of the main reasons for lip aging , always wear a  Lip sunscreen to avoid this .

Fillers are not permanent . in case you want permanent solution to lip aging , you should opt for Lip Implants 

Yes, when done by an expert , Lip Enhancement looks completely natural 

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