Ear and Nose Piercing

1.Ear and nose piercing is a procedure used to make a hole for jewelry insertion. Today it’s popular among the people, as this helps in enhancing the look of their nose and ear. It makes them feel confident & attractive. It’s trending - and will never go out of style.
2.If it’s not done proficiently or by experts then it can lead to hearing loss or risk of infections. Clinic Eximus is one of the BEST ear and nose piercing clinics in Delhi offering you safe and most beautiful ear/nose piercing.


Is Piercing Safe?

If the piercing is done under unhygienic or unsafe conditions then there could be the risk of blood-transmitted diseases. They may have Hepatitis B, C, tetanus and HIV. Sometimes there could be chances of having chronic infection, skin allergy, abscesses, inflammation, and prolonged bleeding. But if it’s performed by the experts then they can deliver outstanding results without fail.
Our surgeons use the best practices to deliver excellent results - therefore it’s good to talk with your doctor before a piercing. A few people have sensitivity to various types of metal therefore new piercing can cause redness, rashes surrounding the piercing, and itching.

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Why Clinic Eximus Fit for Ear Piercing - Best Clinic for Ear /Nose Piercing

Clinic Eximus is one of the best destinations for ear repair, ear and nose piercing in Delhi. Ear repair is a kind of reconstructive surgery that is good to correct split, ripped, torn and drooping large lobes. Earlobe repair surgery is performed by experts which typically takes around 20-30 min/earlobe. Clinic Eximus is known for its 100% assured results in skincare, hair care, dental care, and plastic surgery.