Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers or Canker sores are one of the most common eruptions in your oral cavity . They appear as  small or large ulcers on gums , cheeks ,lips and throat .They are painful and can disrupt eating and speaking .

Any Ulcer in the mouth that is recurring or is not healing is the cause of concern.

Causes of Mouth Ulcer

Ulcer is actually a symptom , the causes can be many .

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Aphthous ulcers

These are the most common variety of mouth ulcers seen . They usually appear on gums and tongue ,they can be a single big ulcer or can be small multiple ulcers . They are said to occur as an aberration in the immune response.

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Traumatic Ulcers -

These ulcers occur due to trauma - either a burn to a hot and cold , chemical burn , due to ill fitting dentures etc. Usually localised to the point of injury and are single.

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Viral Infections

Viral Infections like Herpes , Zoster , etc can cause mouth ulcers in and around the oral cavity . A proper history and other symptoms will assist in diagnosis.

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Fungal infections

Fungal infections like candida , mucormycosis etc can cause mouth ulcers

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Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections can also cause mouth Ulcers like Syphilis etc.

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Deficiency Ulcers

Ulcers can be secondary to any metabolic, nutritional deficiency and can present in oral cavity.

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Oral Manifestation of Skin Diseases

Many skin diseases first start in the oral cavity before progressing to the other areas . diseases like Pemphigus , Lichen Planus etc can also cause mouth ulcers.

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Secondary Ulcers

Ulcers can be caused secondary to cancer Chemotherapy, Radiation , drug reactions etc.

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Oral Cancer

Mouth ulcer can be also oral cancer.

Treatment of Mouth Ulcer

Treatment of Mouth Ulcer  totally depends on the cause of the Ulcer. It is very important to understand that there are multiple causes of Mouth Ulcers . At Clinic Eximus , we have the experts in Oral Medicine diagnosing and treating the Mouth ulcers in the best possible way. Treating the underlying cause will help in the treatment of Mouth Ulcers .

Treatment can range from :

  • Removal of cause in case of Traumatic ulcer.
  • Treating Underlying infection in case of Bacterial , Viral , Fungal infections.
  • Supplementing vitamins, minerals in case of nutritional ulcers.

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You can consult your general practitioner, a dentist or a skin specialist.

Aphthous ulcers are not contagious; they are not passed on by kissing or sharing utensils. But mouth ulcer caused by any infections like viral, bacterial or yeast may be contagious.

Usually, a mouth ulcer can take 7-14 days to heal. Large sized mouth ulcers can take a month or many months to recover.

Mouth ulcers are harmless most of the times. But remember that they may be a sign of nutritional deficiency, infection, malignancy or any of the previously listed causes. Hence, long-standing and recurrent ulcers should be examined by a doctor.

No, mouth ulcers are not inherited.

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