Non Surgical Face Enhancements

Non Surgical Face Enhancements

What can it achieve?

  • Lip enhancements. 
  •  Cheek enhancements.
  • Nose Enhancements.
  •  Chin Enhancements.

How is it achieved ?

They usually use Dermal Fillers or threads that can enhance the area .

Dermal Fillers

 Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases, or enhance facial contours. It is a  popular facial rejuvenation treatment, which can be a cost-effective way to look younger without surgery or downtime.

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 Facial  Threads

These are also called “Thread Lifts” and are used to Enhance Eyes, Nose, Cheek.

Dermal Fillers

There are a variety of FDA approved filler products that cosmetic surgeons use. In general, fillers are categorized by the substance they are made from. A note for your safety: always make sure that you are receiving FDA approved, brand name fillers.

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Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is already found in your skin . It helps keep skin plump and hydrated. HA fillers are soft and gel like and usually come mixed with anaesthesia . This makes it literally painless to inject. A variety of HA fillers are available depending on the particle size , cross linking etc. different types are used for different purposes e.g. HA filler for under eye area will be different from HA filler for sagging cheeks to give volume . Depending on the type of filler used , the result lasts from 6 months to 2 years. Some FDA approved fillers are Juvéderm products: Juvéderm XC, VOLUMA, VOLBELLA, VOLLURE Restylane products: Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne, and Restylane Defyne Belotero Balance

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Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

CaHA is also a naturally occurring substance found primarily in our bones.When used in a filler , the calcium particles are nearly microscopic and suspended in a smooth gel. The CaHA filler is somewhat thicker than the HA filler .

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Facial threads

Facial Threads is a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement surgery that is used for facial enhancements . the most common threads used are PDO threads PDO threads have been around the longest of the three and have been used in surgeries since the 1980s. They're made from a colorless polyester that breaks down in your body after about 6 months. The presence of these sutures in your skin triggers cells in your body called fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

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The basic point to understand here is that  Dermal Fillers restore volume by introducing Hyaluronic acid into the skin and Facial threads cause sagging skin to lift by stimulation of collagen in the skin

The effect of dermal filler can last upto 18 months depending on the type of filler used .

The effect of face threads can last upto 1- 3 yrs.

Yes , they can be used simultaneously; the use of fillers can in fact enhance the result of threads .

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