Nose Shaping

Nose Shaping is a non surgical enhancement of the nose. It is also called as “Non Surgical Rhinoplasty“ or “Liquid Rhinoplasty” it uses dermal fillers to alter the shape of the nose.

Corrections achieved by Derma  Fillers for nose : 

  • Smooth out small bumps in your Nose.
  • Make the tip of your Nose more prominent.
  • add volume to your Nose.
  • lift the tip of your Nose.

How does it work?

A hyaluronic acid filler is introduced into the skin of your nose in areas that need correction. The filler settles down in the skin, holds its space and gives the corrected look to your nose. The area where it has to be deposited to achieve best results is decided by your doctor.



Once the desired results are achieved , nose fillers can last upto 6-9 months depending on your body’s metabolism . After that you can have a touch up to maintain the shape.

Though there have been some concerns ,they are by and large safe in the hands of an experienced doctor .

Surgical Rhinoplasty has advantages of being more long lasting than Non Surgical Rhinoplasty .


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