Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can lead to severe chewing inefficiency and are often a cause of social embarrassment.It sometimes becomes so serious that the person stops socialising altogether leading to disturbed psychology and unfulfilled life.
Dentures are the easiest solution for replacement of missing teeth.they can be of 2 types-
1)complete denture-are required when all teeth are missing
2)Partial dentures-are required when one or more teeth are missing


Q) What are the various materials used in making denture?

A) Dentures can be made up of following materials
1)flexible denture-are made up of modified nylon type of material.they are very light and flexilble to use.they do not require metal clasps to hold onto neighboring teeth
2) Acrylic denture- they are the normal dentures-still very frequently used and most economical option of teeth replacement.
3)Cast metal dentures-these are made up of metal.they are quite retentive and stable dentures.
4)Teeth or implant supported overdenture- these dentures take support either from teeth or from implants and are the most stable and retentive of the lot

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Q) Are the dentures always removable?

  • Most of the times dentures are removable.However we can fix them up in certain cases if they are taking support from implants.
  • Q) How to decide whether the old denture requires a change now?
  • Denture takes support both from teeth/implant and jaw bone.So with the time the jaw bone keeps dissolving so your denture should also be changed every 3-5 years.A proper maintenance of the denture and regular check by the dental surgeon really helps in extending the life of the denture
  • Q) Dentures most of the times look very artificial.Are there any dentures which are cosmetically pleasing?
  • These days we have so many advanced options like BPS dentures etc which exactly resemble the natural tissues and are very high on precision and cosmetics.