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I am so sure that everyone has heard the name “Chemical peels “ either from their friends, or from social media. In Spite of having heard it multiple times , we do have a lot of confusion around Chemical Peels and a lot of questions cloud our mind on same Let us get in depth of chemical peels.
1.What are Chemical Peels?
Chemical peels are simple chemical solutions that can have multiple effects on the area where they are applied , mainly face, neck , eyes , hands.
2.Why are we scared of Chemical Peels?
As soon as we hear the name Chemical Peels , we do get scared mainly because o the fact that they are “Chemicals” Let us understand the fact that everything is a chemical . the human body is nothing but a chemical factory as it is made from chemicals like fats , proteins, bones etc. the food we eat is chemicals made of proteins, carbohydrates , fats minerals etc .
Chemicals can be harmful and useful. Just because anything has the name chemical attached to it , we should not start seeing it in a negative light .
3.Where do Chemical peels come from ?
Most of the Chemical Peels are derived from Fruits, Milk and plants . in fact these are the most natural substances that you can think of.


Types of Chemical Peels Treatment

Types of Chemical Peels?
1.Depending at what depth they act , Chemical Peels are called as:
b. Medium
2.They are also categorised according to the nature of chemical in them like:
a.Alpha hydroxy peels
b.Beta hydroxy peels
c.Retinoic peels
d.Phenol peels etc
What can Chemical peels do?
3.Chemical peels are used to treat many issues of your skin:
a.Sun Damage.
b.Uneven skin tone.
c.Pigmentation & Melasma.
e.Acne scars.
f.Fine lines and wrinkles.
g.Dull and damaged skin.
h.Rejuvenation of the skin.
How do Chemical Peels work?
-Chemical peels are mainly Acids. This is because Human skin is acidic in nature with a pH of 5.5 . To have a result on the skin we need to use something that is compatible with the skin and can penetrate the skin easily , hence acids.
-Once it reaches the deeper layer of the skin , depending on the depth it reaches it can elicit a repair response in the skin varying from suppressing pigment cells, to increased blood flow to collage production . as the repair response gets triggered in the skin , you will start to see surface changes on the skin .

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Chemical Peel Treatment in Delhi

General Precautions to take while taking Chemical Peels:  

  1. It is best to refrain from using the home use ppel systems that are now available . it is always better to let your doctor decide what peel and what concentration of peel will work best for your problems
  2. A primed skin that is a prepared skin will give best results for chemical peel session
  3. A good moisturiser  should be applied regularly  before and after the peel session as directed by the doctor .
  4. A sunblock is mandatory prior to and post a chemical peel session
  5. Sometimes dryness can occur post a Chemical peel session , the skin is in a repair mode at this time. Don t get worried about it . with proper moisturiser and sunblock it settles in 3 - 4 days.
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