1.Beautiful brows, eyes, lips, or cheeks can enhance your beauty to the next level. Our dermatologists can escalate facial attributes by using various products such as lipstick, eyeliners, and brow liners.
2. We pay special attention from time to time while doing the permanent makeup for you. In fact, it’s not permanent, but we use different sorts of pigment.
What is Permanent Makeup
1.In the cosmetic world, permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure where it’s also known as cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation.
2.There are several options for lip color tattoos and eyebrows tattoos that can enhance a face's appearance.
Permanent makeup procedure offers you a number of benefits including:-
1.Reduce the effect of medical conditions
2.Reduce Cosmetic Expenditure
3.Save Time & Makeup frustration
4.Boost Your Appearance


How it’s Done

1.Clinic Eximus is well-recognized for permanent makeup where we use advanced tools and techniques to do the permanent makeup. To do this we use a single-use disposable needle, a tattoo machine, and special cosmetic tattoo ink. It’s permanent makeup by name but doesn’t stay for a longer duration like average tattoo.
2.In the context of eyebrows makeup - first, a shape is drawn with the help of a skin pencil, and after this by the use of topical anesthesia, we numb the area. Now we make the pattern of natural eyebrow hair. Where the high quality of pigment is used. We leave the pigment for at least 10 minutes so that it could be absorbed completely.

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How Long Does the Permanent Last?   To get  better effect & results, in many cases permanent makeup needs a touch-up after 2 weeks, And it requires retouching after 9 to 12 months.  Basically, there are two common types of Permanent Makeup are being offered at Clinic Eximus:-   Permanent Lip Colour Permanent Eyebrows  

  1. Our dermatologist who has great exposure to above mentioned permanent makeup checks the shape of the brow and color of lip and decides each and everything about the procedure. Before carrying out the procedure we take care of age, gender, skin tone, and frequency. In addition, we also consider the natural shape of your lips and the structure of your brow bone.
  Who Can Have Permanent Makeup   
  1. People who have lost their eyebrows since birth due to certain reasons like hormonal problems, and alopecia. Post-chemotherapy, Nutritional deficiencies or post-trauma can also be another reason for this. People who have dark lips due to excessive smoking can undergo permanent makeup procedures.