Adcross sunscreen Gel


  • Adcross sunscreen Gel– It can be used as a moisturizer, primer, or after-sun care product. As a moisturizer, it helps to hydrate the skin and improve its texture.
  • As a primer, it helps to smooth out the skin and create a smooth base for makeup application.
  • As an after-sun care product, it helps to soothe sunburned skin and reduce inflammation.
  • It is a gel-based lotion that gets absorbed into the skin and does not leave a sticky residue behind
  • It shields your skin against the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and pollutants
  • It also nourishes the skin with vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It prevents collagen breakdown and encourages melanin formation to even out skin spots.


  • Adcross sunscreen Gel-It is a skincare product that is designed to provide hydration and moisture to the skin.
  • It is a lightweight gel that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
  • It is formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, which help to hydrate and soothe the skin.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Ingredient- Dead sea minerals


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