Akmasq Cream


  • Akmasq Cream-it is a natural and innovative approach in pimple care and complexion care treatment.
  • Akmasq Cream absorbs oil which makes Akmasq an excellent face mask for oily skin.
  • It has a gentle cleansing base for irritation-free cleansing.
  • It is an efficient anti-acne mask for pimple reduction.
  • It absorbs excess oil and gently cleanses without irritating the skin.
  • Turmeric removes acne marks and improves complexion Cucumber cools and soothes skin Vitamin E combats acne and moisturizes skin adequately Pro-Vitamin B5 reduces excess oil production.
  • It is useful in giving the skin a glowing complexion.
  • Tea tree oil provides antibacterial action. Use the face wash to improve complexion and to get rid of acne marks.


  • Akmasq Cream-it is a pimple care complexion mask specially designed for oily and acne prone skin to clear pimples and to improve complexion.
  • It reduces acne breakouts, repairs and rejuvenates the damaged skin and makes your skin clear, bright and radiant.
  • It contains tea tree oil, Chandan, turmeric, pro-vitamin B5 and cucumber as the active ingredients. Tea tree oil removes excess oil from your skin, exfoliates dead skin cells and controls acne break outs. Chandan and cucumber soothe skin irritation by producing a cooling sensation. Turmeric brightens your skin and makes it look healthy and radiant. Pro-vitamin B5 nourishes your skin and makes it look live, shiny and soft.
  • Ingredient- Tea tree oil, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Pro-Vit. B5, Cucumber.


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