Aze Proactive Lotion


  • Aze Proactive Lotion is a multi-action formulation that takes care of Acne, Acne marks, and Acne scars in a gentle way.
  • Fight acne, acne marks, and acne scars gently and effectively with the multi-action formulation of Aze Proactive Lotion.
  • It effectively reduces acne and prevents acne breakouts.
  • It helps in reducing acne scars.


  • Aze Proactive Lotion– Aze Proactive Lotion is used in the treatment of acne (pimples).
  • It effectively relieves symptoms such as lumps, redness, and swelling associated with different forms of acne.
  • It works by killing acne-causing bacteria.
  • Aze Proactive Lotion is for external use only.
  •  Both the affected area and your hands should be clean and dry before application.
  •  If your condition goes on for longer than four weeks or gets worse at any time. You can help this medication work better by keeping the affected areas clean.
  • Ingredient-DM Water,Potassium Azeloyl,Salicylic Acid


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