Duke Nano Shot


  • Duke Nano Shot- It is the Oral Solution 5ml is used in the treatment of vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis.
  • It helps the body to absorb calcium.
  • Calcium is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.
  • It is used when your diet does not provide enough.
  • Duke Nano Oral Solution is beneficial for providing a nutritional supplement to the body
  • It contains vitamin D3, which helps in strengthening muscles and bones
  • It may also aid in reducing inflammation and improving cardiac functions


  • Duke Nano Shot-It contains vitamin D3, which aids in muscle and bone strength. It may also help with inflammation reduction and cardiac function improvement.
  • It is best taken with or after food as this helps your body absorb it.
  • you should take it regularly to get the most benefit under the guidance of doctor.
  • This medicine may be only part of a complete program of treatment that also includes making changes to your diet and taking calcium and vitamin supplements.
  • Learn about the foods you should eat to make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet.
  • Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor if you have high levels of calcium in your blood or if you have any heart, kidney, or liver disease.
  • .Some other medicines can decrease the absorption of vitamin D3 so let your doctor know all other medicines you are taking to make sure you are safe.
  • This medicine may help during pregnancy when your body needs more vitamin D but too much could harm your baby.
  • Ingredient-Vitamin D3.


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