Halixir Hair oil


  • Halixir Hair Oil is made with a unique blend of oils to pamper your hair.
  • It helps with repairing the hair shaft.
  • Halixir Versatile Nourish Hair Oil protects your hair from other harmful elements like the sun and stress while reducing hair fall.
  • Hair Oil Increases hair growth.
  • Halixir Versatile Nourish Hair Oil is a true elixir for your hair, making it lustrous and smooth.


  • Halixir Hair Oil provides ultimate softness and nourishment to the hair.
  • It offers gloss and shine as well as conditioning effect to the hair. Halixir gives a lustrous feel with the promise to rejuvenate your hair.
  • Halixir Hair Oil – It nourishes the hair and makes them soft.
  • It gives shine and a conditioning effect to the hair.
  • It gives a lustrous feel to the hair.
  • Hair Oil Reduces the number of split ends.
  • It Protects the scalp and hair from damage caused by the sun.
  • It Relieves stress and hair fall resulting from stress.


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