Melalumin Lip Lightener


  • Melalumin Lip Lightener-it is formulated with a 3-in 1 technology that helps lighten your lips, protect your lips from the sun, and moisturise them.
  • Its innovative blend of skin-brightening ingredients dives deep into the lips, targeting melanin production at its core. Watch in awe as this lip lightener gradually fades pigmentation, leaving behind a perfectly balanced, even-toned finish.


  • Melalumin Lip Lightener-it helps to lighten the lip while also keeping the lipssupple and smooth,Lip darkening/Melanosis may be caused by excessive sun exposure, lack of hydration, cigarette smoking, allergic reactions, etc.
  • It is specially formulated to lighten lips and restore natural lip tone with 3 in-1 benefits of skin lightening, sun protection, and moisturization.


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