Nutrova complete omega 3


  • Nutrova complete omega 3 is Algae-derived, long-chain omega-3 in gelatin free cellulose capsules.
  • It Promotes good health of skin, hair, nerves, and other parts of the body.
  • It Improves brain function and concentration levels.


  • Nutrova complete omega 3 are essential nutrients, meaning that we have to get them from our diets.
  • It contains DHA from marine algae, which supports good health of your skin, hair, cardiovascular system, brain, eyes, nerves, and cells.
  • Plant-based foods contain the short chain omega-3 fat ALA which our body can convert to the long chain omega-3 that it needs, namely EPA and DHA. However, less than 5% of dietary ALA is converted to DHA, meaning that consuming even extremely high quantities of ALA-rich foods (flax seeds, etc.) may not get you to meet your recommended daily requirements of EPA and DHA.
  • DHA is an important omega – 3 fat that has many health benefits.
  • It needs to be obtained from our diet , but is mainly found in fish.
  • Marine algae is its only vegan source, making this supplement ideal for vegans / vegetarians.
  • Ingredients-Algae-derived, long-chain omega-3 in gelatin free cellulose capsules.


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