Pigmentbio Sensitive Area


  • Pigmentbio Sensitive Area-It will Promotes regeneration of new and healthy skin.
  • Pigmentbio Sensitive Area It will reduces scars and helps in achieving even skin tone.
  • It will reduces the promotion of oil or sebum in the skin.
  • It will Shrinks pores while restructuring and calming the skin.
  • Clean your face with a mild-acting face wash or cleanser.
    • Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extract,Salicylic Acid,Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract,DodecylApply a small amount to your face in the evening, and leave it on overnight.


  • Pigmentbio Sensitive Area-It will Give a skin-friendly peeling effect with the powerful effect of 15% Glycolic acid in Bioderma Sebium Night Peel.
  • This night scrub also contains AHA acid which is naturally found in fruits and is often used by dermatologists for exfoliation due to its high potency and tolerability.
  • Pigmentbio sensitive area also has a superficial keratolytic effect.
  • You can use it to restore shine by reducing scars and promoting skin regeneration.
  • Pigmentbio Sensitive AreaIt regulates the quality of sebum, thus preventing pore-clogging and limits the formation of wounds.
  • It is also enriched with Panthenol that provides restructuring and soothing properties to the skin.


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