Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

People with excess hair loss, who are confronting pattern baldness and varied hair loss problems, loss of confidence, and good looks are often recommended for hair transplant surgery. According to sources, over 98% of hair transplant surgeries are successful in India. Despite this, some people don’t opt for it. To compensate for this issue, the medical field developed another successful nonsurgical hair replacement treatment. That is scalp micropigmentation.

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Acknowledge yourself more about scalp micropigmentation, the procedure, its cost, and related subjects.

What Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

The most popular alternative to hair transplant surgery to cure baldness and other hair loss problems is scalp micropigmentation(SMP), a non-surgical hair replacement treatment called a hair tattoo.

The reason why it’s the most popular hair replacement treatment is that scalp micropigmentation has the proficiency to coat the bald areas of the scalp or thin hair without performing any surgery. The procedure is considered a safe treatment and is accompanied by high success rates and patient satisfaction.

Why Opt For scalp Micro Pigmentation?

There could be many reasons to opt for a non-surgical hair replacement treatment over a hair transplant. If you are eager to inquire about the worth of the treatment, then here you go.

Absolutely Yes, the scalp micropigmentation is worth the endeavor. Suppose an individual is pleased with being active and tries to avoid the annoyance of costly hair replacement treatments or invasive surgeries. In that case, scalp micropigmentation might be the best alternative treatment.

This hair replacement treatment tends to lessen the optical effect of blemishing effectively. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and comparatively safer treatment.

What Is The Procedure For Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Replacement?

The non-surgical hair replacement SMP, i.e., scalp micropigmentation, uses a natural pigmented dye which is injected so that it is infiltrated into the layer of skin. The doctor performing the procedure will use a thin and small needle to deposit the small dots of natural dye on the scalp.

These injected tiny dots provide an image of comparatively thicker hair. The scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic grade, permanent ink.

To begin with, the procedure involves the underlying steps:-

    • The scalp area which is supposed to be treated is cleared and cleaned.
    • Areas at which the pigmented dyes will be injected are marked.
    • Topical numbing cream is used to create the procedure pain-free.
    • Later the numbing cream is neatened, and an appliance or thin needles are used to infiltrate the pigment dyes in the area.
    • Topical antibiotics are applied to the area of the scalp where the procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation is performed.
    • Recovery takes at least 3- 4 days.
    • The Clinic Eximus is the most reliable and trustworthy place to visit for scalp pigmentation.

What Are The Objectives Of Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

The ultimate purpose of Scalp Micropigmentation is to establish a delusion of hair follicles emerging from the scalp.

In order to attain this, small points or dots of pigment dyes are deposited into the scalp that match the color of an individual’s natural hair. This technique and structure are also named Pointillism. It assists in establishing a realistic look of depth and portrayal.

Who Can Go For The Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure?

People who are suffering from underlying conditions can opt for scalp micropigmentation:-

    • If an individual does not want to go for hair regrowth treatments and hair transplantation surgery.
    • People with Cancer.
    • Individuals who are facing the condition of Alopecia.
    • Individuals suffering from Thinning Hair.
    • Male and Female Pattern Baldness.

Do This Procedure Enable The Growth Of Hair?

The micropigmentation procedure of the scalp does not allow the hair to grow back or doesn’t alter the natural hair growth. It is not a treatment for hair loss. It also does not cause hair loss or damage existing hair follicles. Scalp micropigmentation is one way to make hair look like you have fuller, thicker hair.

What To Expect After Scalp Micropigmentation?

The scalp micropigmentation procedure does not need any surgery or the use of anesthesia. So, an individual can shortly return to an ordinary routine. According to research and studies, there can be some occasional side effects of scalp micropigmentation. The individual may possess redness on their scalp that lasts for several hours.

Probable Risks May Involve

Probable risks may involve:

    • Allergic fallout to cosmetic pigments.

    • Prone to infection from unsterilized needles.

    • Artificial or unpleasant impression after treatment

How To Prevent These Risks

    • Opt for an experienced doctor who can perform scalp micropigmentation.

    • An individual can ask for photos of the work before and after scalp micropigmentation.

    • If an individual has allergies, then they are asked to consult with a doctor before the procedure of Micropigmentation of the scalp.

Individuals Who Should Not Undergo Scalp Micropigmentation

    • Individuals who are prone to keloids (scars that grow larger than normal) should not undergo scalp micropigmentation.

    • The treatment of scalp micropigmentation can lead to the formation of keloids in some people.

How Long Does Scalp Micro Pigmentation Last?

Scalp micropigmentation often retains its appearance for four years or more. The pigments used in scalp micropigmentation are permanent cosmetic pigments. They are not the same as tattoo ink, so they resist fading or discoloring.

Cost Of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

The average cost of scalp micropigmentation in India differs from 15,000 to 80,000 INR, which is accessible and is one of the main reasons people opt for this cosmetic procedure to hide baldness and hair thinning.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Reviews

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Scalp Micropigmentation FAQ's

It usually lasts for about 6-7 yrs. Also depends on the frequency of shampooing your scalp and what products you use on your scalp.

 Medical conditions should be ruled out. Also be sure that you don’t have allergies to the pigments being used. 

The cost of Micropigmentation in Delhi varies from Rs 15000-  Rs 18000, that is very much in the affordable category . It also depends on the area of the scalp to be covered.


Yes, it can give you a completely natural , younger  look when done properly .



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