1.Vitiligo is a relatively common disorder that is characterized by depigmented patches of skin. Multiple studies characterize the overwhelming psychological burden that is experienced by many patients around the globe. About 1% of the population throughout the world is suffering from Vitiligo.
2.It can alter the self-esteem and quality of life of the people. We understand the concern of the people therefore use advanced technology and powerful solutions to treat the patients. Vitiligo needs special medical attention & early treatment. Clinic Eximus’ plastic surgeon & dermatologists will help you to get rid of Vitiligo.


Vitiligo We Cure

A number of factors may be the reasons for Vitiligo where the overactive immune system, genetic oxidative stress imbalance, stress, exposure to some chemicals, heredity, and neural causes. Vitiligo can be classified into four major categories including - Generalized, Segmental, Mucosal, Focal, Trichome, and Universal.
1.Generalized:- Very common & can appear in different places on the body.
2.Segmental:- It can occur in one side of the body like - hands or face.
3.Mucosal:- It can appear on mucous membranes of the mouth and/or genitals.
4.Focal:- It's a rare type & doesn't spread in certain patterns.

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Clinic Eximus is one of the most trusted dermatology clinics in Delhi having more than 20+ years of experience. We provide you world-class plastic surgery treatment which is generally classified into three broad categories - medical, surgical, and depigmentation. Since our inception, we have been helping people to gain confidence & live a stress-free life. If you‘re facing Vitiligo / White Patches problems then get an appointment today with prominent doctors, dermatologists, and surgeons. Salient Features of Vitiligo Treatment

  1. Certified dermatologists 
  2. Honest discussions & treatment
  3. Use of advanced technology including - UV Chambers, Cell Transplantation, Excimer etc.