Great Skin Doesn't Need Makeup!

Who doesn’t want Great Skin? Our Day to Day Schedule is so Busy that we barely get time to take good care of Skin. We also get confused as to what skin care regime we should follow, what products to use, what frequency to follow, what sequence to follow and so on and so forth. This leads to trying out multiple products every now and then depending on the recommendation of friends and social media. These lead to a concoction of problems for our skin. New problems can develop like Acne, Acne Scars, Uneven Skin Tone , Pigmentation, Aging and Sagging Skin etc. This is the time when we start looking for Skin Care Clinics. As we all know, Skin is the body’s largest organ. The condition of the body affects the skin to a large extent like Metabolic issues, Hormonal issues , Psychological issues, stress etc. The right Skin Care Clinic is the one that not only gives a solution to your issue but also gives a Holistic Approach to Treatment.

Challenges in Skin Care Treatments at Skin Care Clinic

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We use standard US FDA approved equipment conforming to the highest international Standards to provide you the Best results.


Clinic Eximus is the most trusted Clinic in East Delhi in Terms of Safety.
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We provide the best Treatments at a very pocket friendly and reasonable charges.
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Treatments carried out much easily at Clinic Eximus painlessly as we also use Conscious Sedation.

Why Clinic Eximus for your Skin Care Treatment?

Result Oriented Approach.

At Clinic Eximus we believe that Skin Care issues should have realistic outcomes. We believe in transparency and our Skin Care Specialist will guide you to a realistic possible result rather than promising you something that cannot be achieved.

Cost of Skin Care Treatments .

Though we use the latest and most advanced Technology for Skin Care Treatment , we try our level best to manage an affordable cost without compromising the results whatsoever.

Expert & Experienced Team.

Our Skin Care Specialist is a team of Best Skin Care Doctor in East Delhi . Our Skin Care Specialists are Trained Internationally .

Holistic Approach to Treatment .

   At Clinic Eximus , our Skin Care Specialists follow a Holistic approach for Skin Care Treatments. A Holistic approach is necessary when treating skin that is the largest organ of the body and has interactions with all body systems.

Advanced & Latest Technology .

Clinic Eximus is committed to give the best Results to our  patients . We constantly upgrade our technology and knowledge to serve you in the best possible way.

Safety of Skin Care Treatments.

At Clinic Eximus , we  strictly use tried and tested Medical Technologies and approaches validated scientifically for all Skin Care Treatments , so Safety should not be a concern when you come to Clinic Eximus for Skin Care Treatment.

Pain during Skin Care Treatment .

Most of the Skin Care Treatments are Painless. In case the patient is anxious ,at Clinic Eximus , we have the facility o f Conscious Sedation  (Laughing Gas Anesthesia ).

Thousands of Patients Treated .

We pride ourselves in treating thousands of patients successfully by our team of Skin Care Specialists. Not only successful results have been achieved but also long lasting results have been delivered.

Sterilization & Hygiene .

Covid -19 has woken us all up to the importance of hygiene and sanitisation.Clinic Eximus has always been a pioneer in Sterilization . We have been following and upgrading International standards with our 5 Step Sterilization Protocol.

Trusted Treatments .

Clinic Eximus is driven by Trust . The trust our patients  have on us. Building trust is  a lifelong activity that only comes by right actions , ethics and quality services.  We are proud to have the trust of not only patients from all over India but also all over the world .

Skin Care

Clinic Eximus is a One Stop Solution for all your Skin Care Treatments.

Skin Care Treatment

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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is a big concern for many. Our Scientific Tailor made long lasting Pigmentation treatments provide you great results.

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Acne & Acne Scar Treatment

Improper Acne treatment leads to Acne Scars that Scars your confidence. It is best to get a good Holistic Acne treatment to prevent Acne & Acne Scars.

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Laser Hair Removal

The freedom to be Hair free comes only with Laser Hair Removal .We use the latest & advanced technology to give you lasting results.

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Skin Whitening & Brightening

A Brighter & Whiter Skin is the dream of many . Our Scientific Skin Whitening & Brightening treatments will help you transform into a Brighter You!

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Medical Facials

Medical Facials are a sure shot way of giving your Skin the boost of Health and maintain a younger radiant glowing skin even with increasing Age. Opt for our Medical Facials and see the difference!

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Anti Aging Treatment

Aging Gracefully should be the goal that can be readily achieved through our Anti Aging Treatments that help you to look younger than your Age!



Skin Care Treatment must be started in the early 20’s in order to prevent any kind of further issues. It is important to invest in skin to get healthy and beautiful Skin starting early in life.

Expectations after the Treatment must be Realistic . At Clinic Eximus we treat the patients with a holistic approach that  is planned according to the patients need.

Results depend on the extent of problems ,usually we can see the result after 3rd sitting in severe cases.

 Precautions totally depend on the type of treatment done; generally it’s Moisturizer and Sunscreen.

All the Treatments done at Clinic Eximus are Scientific , Medical Treatments done under the supervision of our Skin Care Specialist .

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