Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Stem Cell Hair Treatment

  • Hair makes your personality & plays a vital role in building self-image. It’s also worth noting that excessive hair fall and damaged hair can spoil your beauty, and appearance.

  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant is an amazing hair treatment approach that can bring positive changes in your life. HST – stem cell transplantation technique is helpful in producing the outstanding results, as this method uses the potential of stem cells. 

  • The hair follicles also have some stem cells which further can stimulate the hair growth effectively. Stem cell hair transplant treatment is somehow similar to conventional hair transplant but there is a difference between both. Instead of removing a large number of hairs, parts of hair follicles are extracted. These follicles have greater potential to produce the new hair. At Clinic Eximus, we can provide you with the best treatment.


What are Stem Cells?

  1. Stem cells are known for their potential to develop into various types of cells which are found in the body. These are quite important and work as a repairing system for the body, and can fix damaged tissues. It’s believed that in future,  stem cell therapies would be beneficial to treat serious illness and diseases. These are good for doing the specific things in the body. Stem-cells are also effective in repairing certain tissues by diving and replacing mechanisms.

  2. In stem cell hair treatment procedure, first our dermatologist examines your hair loss condition, and extracts the parts of hair follicles with the help of a needle. The extraction is taken out from the donor region & then transplanted in the receptor area. These new hair follicles are capable of producing new hair. This takes a few weeks to regrow, and the quality of hair is the same as other hair. The final results can be seen after a week approximately nine months – growth cycle.

Benefits Of The Stem Cell Treatment For Hair Growth

Stem Cell Hair Treatment in Delhi

A team of stem cell specialists help you a lot to deliver the best results in stem cell hair treatment. We are one of the Best Hair Specialist Clinic Providing you one stop solution for all your hair problems.

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Stem cells are incredible cells with the power to divide without limits and become nearly any type of cell in the body. Most cells in your body, when they divide, can only reproduce themselves. A muscle divides and becomes another muscle cell; a blood cell divides to become another blood cell. Stem cells can become other stem cells, or they can turn into virtually any other cell in the body. This gives them incredible potential when it comes to healing.


There are two kinds of stem cells found in nature: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. (There is a third type of stem cell, induced pluripotent stem cells, but those can only be created in a laboratory.) Embryonic stem cells are found in blastocysts, embryos that are 3-5 days old. Left alone, they’ll develop into every type of cell in the body. Adult stem cells are found in all people, usually in the bone marrow and adipose tissue (belly fat). Both have potential when it comes to healing various injuries and diseases.


We take our stem cells from our patients’ bone marrow in the leg or adipose tissue (belly fat). Where we take the stem cells from depends on the age of the patient. Patients under 50 usually have their stem cells taken from bone marrow; for patients over 50, we generally get better results from adipose tissue.

There is great potential for stem cells to be used for healing a wide range of problems, including everything from growing new organs for patients needing transplants to healing diseases like diabetes and heart disease. However, we’re not quite there yet. So for now, the National Stem Cell Clinic is focusing on what’s been proven to work: using stem cells to heal injuries and help patients feel better


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