1.Stretch marks are basically indented streaks that can appear on different parts of the body such as the stomach, breasts, hips, butt, and thigh.
2. Sometimes these marks feel itchy or sore. In addition to this, these stretch marks don’t look good therefore treatment is needed.
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4.Stretch marks can occur due to - genetic tendency, cortisone hormone, and stress level on skin.
5. Cortisone hormone can cause the weakening of elastic fibers & is produced by the adrenal glands.
6. In addition to the above-mentioned causes, stretch marks can also appear due to the quick growth of your body.
7. When this happens, your body is not capable of coping with these changes. Can say cannot stretch enough.


A few other causes of Stretch Marks -

A few other causes of Stretch Marks -
1.Lack of collagen protein
2.Speedy weight gain
3.Among women - Pregnancy is the main cause of stretch marks on the abdomen.
4.Breast Implant Surgery
5.Cushing's syndrome & a high amount of Steroids hormones.
6.Marfan syndrome can weaken your skin fibers.
Laser Stretch Mark Removal
1.This procedure is an excellent one for removing the stretch marks by laser resurfacing. Ablative and non-ablative lasers are used for skin resurfacing treatment. In LASER STRETCH MARK REMOVAL, concentrated beams of lights are used for the growth of new skin cells. Both laser treatments are effective for stretch marks and produce outstanding results. Ablative lasers (CO2, Erbium YAG) work by destroying the upper layer of skin & removes stretch marks effectively.
2.On the other hand, non-ablative lasers (Alexandrite, Fraxel) are helpful in promoting collagen growth. It doesn’t destroy the upper layer.

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