Tattoo Removal

1.In different parts of the world, people wear tattoos for different reasons including - self-expression, media influence or as a reminder of cultural tradition. A lot of people use tattoos to promote their identity or certain group.
2.Tattoo is a form of pattern, or design marked permanently on skin. It’s made by the help of dyes, inks and pigments. If you want to remove a tattoo, then Clinic Eximus dermatologic surgeons can help you by the use of advanced technique. Our specialization in permanent tattoo removal stands out to us from the crowd.


Risks Associated with Tattoo

1.Allergic Reactions :- People may have allergic skin reactions due to the use of tattoo dyes. They may experience the itchy rashes.
2.Skin Infections:- There are chances of having the skin infections and granuloma around the tattoo link. In addition, keloids can occur due to the tattooing, it’s a kind of the problem which occurs due to the overgrowth of the scar tissues.
3.Bloodborne Diseases:- People may have different kinds of bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B, C and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These problems occur due to the use of the contaminated machine.
MRI Complications :- Sometimes, tattoos may cause swelling or burning during the MRI exams. In some cases, it can interfere in the image quality.
Why To Remove the Tattoo?
1.To get a new job where tattoos need to be removed.
2.To get rid of complications associated with tattoos.
3.Regrets about the decision.

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Tattoo Removal Treatment At Clinic Eximus - Laser Tattoo Removal We use different ways to remove the tattoos from your body, LASER tattoo removal is one of the finest ways to eliminate the tattoo ink. By the  use of LASER  we can remove black and dark colored inks. In this procedure, the laser works effectively to break down the ink particles into smaller one. Tattoo laser has enough potential to emit adequate amounts of energy. Our expertise makes us the best tattoo removal clinic in Delhi. We provide you an affordable service where we use advanced tattoo removal techniques at best price. You can schedule the consultation with us- we offer you the best treatment depending upon the age, size, and color of your tattoo. Get in touch with us