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Teeth Whitening Techniques-Get your pearly whites actually ’Pearly’​

Are you dissatisfied with your discolored and stained teeth and wish for shiny white bright teeth? Then you are right at the spot. Yes, it is very much possible to make your teeth actually pearly whites and get that beautiful smile of yours through the teeth whitening procedure.

Professional teeth whitening treatment is an effective and the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure to whiten and brighten your teeth and give you a radiant smile. There are several professional dentist-supervised teeth whitening procedures which are safe with long-lasting results and your dentist is the best person to guide you about the best treatment for you depending upon the type of staining or discoloration of your teeth.

So, hurry and visit clinic Eximus today for the best teeth whitening treatment and get a dream smile of yours.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a technique involving processes that aim to remove stains and discoloration and make your teeth look lighter, whiter, and brighter. It includes the application of various non-harming chemicals, bleaches, UV light, Lasers, etc. The need for these will vary depending on the extent and type of staining you have. Always see a cosmetic and aesthetic dentist for your teeth whitening treatment.

Need for teeth whitening

You may need teeth whitening treatment and it can be beneficial to you if :

    • You are unhappy with the staining, discoloration, or yellowish teeth and desire sparkling white teeth.

    • When your teeth make you lose your self-confidence and negatively affects your personal, social, and professional life.

    • Aging, trauma, smoking, medicines, or regular caffeinated drinks have made your teeth appear dull and lusterless.

    • Your teeth look unhealthy and have a natural yellowish appearance and want a younger, healthier, and more attractive look.

    • At clinic Eximus, you will be counseled and all your queries will be answered so that you can make an informed decision about opting for the best way to whiten your teeth.

Procedures for teeth whitening and how does teeth whitening work

There are various teeth whitening treatments available for you which you can choose with the help of your dentist’s expert guidance:

    • Laser teeth whitening: In this technique, a beam of laser light is used to activate the chemicals which are put on your teeth for removing stains and whitening teeth. Your dentist will put a protective shield on your gums to protect them from the chemicals which will be applied to your teeth. Then the chemicals to whiten your teeth will be put on your teeth and the laser light is then focused on the chemicals. A foam is formed which is left on your teeth for 45 minutes and then removed through a vacuum. This will be repeated about 3-4 times until the desired shade is achieved.

    • Zoom teeth whitening: This is almost the same as the laser technique, the only difference being that LED light is used instead of the laser light which hastens the whitening process.

    • How do they work: The chemicals which are applied break into oxygen when acted upon the laser/ LED light and this goes into the uppermost layer of the teeth(Enamel) and lightens its shade. The laser method can lighten about 4-8 shades.

Benefits of teeth whitening

It is the best way to whiten teeth. They are the fastest and most effective procedures for teeth whitening and the results are visible after one session itself.

    • It is a safe and painless procedure.

    • Dentist recommended medicated teeth whitening toothpastes: These toothpastes contain abrasives and chemicals which are used as recommended by your dentist and directed by the manufacturer to aid in stain removal and whitening of your teeth.

How does teeth whitening work?

    • The abrasives break up the protein called pellicle present on the enamel surface and thus help in removing stains.

    • The chemicals like hydrogen peroxide enhance the color of your teeth acting as teeth stain remover.

    • Teeth Whitening strips: These are flexible strips that are coated with bleaching chemicals and when applied for a specific time period result in brightening your teeth.

    • Teeth whitening gels and trays: These gels can be applied on trays that are custom-made by your dentist and worn according to his instructions and manufacturer’s directions.

    • Your dentist will advise and instruct you about the use of these techniques.

    • How do they work: They contain peroxide that provides whiteness to your teeth, and act as teeth stain remover. The results will be seen after a few days.

    • Dentists prescribed teeth whitening rinses: They are mouthwashes containing whitening chemicals that remove stains from your teeth and also contain ingredients for strengthening your teeth and making them germs free.

    • The recommended amount of mouthwash is swished for the recommended time and when it comes in contact with your teeth it helps to enhance their color and look.

    • Always consult a good teeth whitening dentist to know your teeth whitening needs as an individual and follow his/ her advice properly.

    • At clinic Eximus, our dentists will thoroughly assess your teeth and surrounding structures and recommend treatment customized as per your needs.

Cost of the teeth whitening treatment?

    • The teeth whitening cost – in Delhi, NCR is affordable but varies on a lot of factors.

    • The type and extent of staining  The location of the stains that are deep inside the tooth layers (Intrinsic stains) or just on the superficial outer layers (Extrinsic stains), will also alter the treatment needed and accordingly the cost.

    • The number of sessions needed – The more the number of sessions required, the more will be the cost.

    • If combination treatments are required  If more than one type of treatment is required, the cost will be somewhat more.

    • The doctor’s credentials – The better qualified and more experienced dentists’ will definitely charge a little more, but the results will be worth the cost and will always prove to be an asset.

    • The technology used – The latest and modern technology will cost more than conventional ones but it also facilitates better results with the least side effects.

At clinic Eximus you will receive the best and most delightful results at a pocket-friendly cost and we have a lot of packages that will further make the teeth whitening treatment price more affordable.

What makes Clinic Eximus the best for Teeth whitening treatment ?

Clinic Eximus is considered the best for teeth whitening treatment with exceptionally delightful results such as :

      • Eximus is homed by one of the top dentists who are highly qualified and well experienced with a wide variety of teeth whitening cases.

      • Our clinic is equipped with the latest and state-of-art technology which facilitates precision and accuracy in the treatment with minimum side effects.

      • The entire staff provides a safe and comfortable environment with compassion and care and patiently listens to all your queries and concerns.

      • We at Eximus, have strived to attain very high success rates in all our clinical outcomes.

      • At Eximus, your safety is our priority and therefore we follow strict norms of sterilization to maintain high standards of hygiene and infection control.

      • With all the above, we are always concerned about your financial burden, and therefore, to keep your pockets happy, we have kept our costs affordable with a number of packages available for you.

So, get your dream come true by visiting Clinic Eximus today and get that youthful, beautiful, radiant smile of yours.


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Home kits have lower concentration of bleaching agents and may be ineffective to treat your concern and may also cause sensitivity to teeth and damage to gums .A proper Teeth whitening treatment done by a Teeth  Whitening  Dentist ensures great results and no damage to teeth and gums.  

Teeth Whitening Procedures done  with certified international products and following good techniques tooth  sensitivity can be minimized . 

Teeth whitening is a comfortable procedure and is absolutely painless. 

Teeth Whitening is completely safe if done with materials and equipment that is CE certified.

  1. Fluorosis-excess of fluoride content in water at the time of development of teeth.
  2. Intake of medicines such as tetracycline at the time of development of teeth.
  3. Poor oral hygiene.
  4. Tea and coffee stains or stains caused by other food pigments.
  5. Habits such as Tobacco consumption ,  Pan chewing and Smoking

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